11/04/12 09:21PM
--->Rules and Help Thread<---

Few things to keep in mind as we start

1) Source always. Most of the people here at this point in time know this and are great at it, but yeah. If you don't have the source, don't put it up. I want this to be a place where artists are happy to see their works. Obviously if an artist makes it clear their work is not to be uploaded elsewhere, it's not to be uploaded! Sorry for stating the obvious, but better to just get it out and clear now.

If you are an artist who does not want their art posted here, kindly let me know and we of course will take down your works. Likewise if you are aware of sources on any of our unfortunately unsourced pictures, feel free to add them or let someone who can know. We are not out to upset or steal from anyone, we are always happy to work with you.

You can contact me at [email protected] if you are an artist requesting an artwork takedown, and through the site messaging system if you have any other matters that need my attention. Please use your discretion at what is worth contacting me for, I would appreciate it.

The tags are a huge WIP at the moment, so do note the absence of any tags or credit is not deliberate at this point in time. Feel free to point out an artist that needs tagging on an image and we'll get to that asap.

2) No explicit material. I know there is the option for explicit pictures to be marked, but our booru is clearly marked as SFW in the opening banner, and that's what it should be. Questionable and suggestive material is allowed so long as no sexual bits are showing. Make sure to mark these as questionable so people who do not wish to see such pictures can employ the safe search option. Your morality does not rule this board. Deal with it.

3) Don't be a fucking asshole. Pointless shit stirring comments will be deleted because no I don't care about your precious opinion if your opinion is to be a jackass. Deal with it and go to some other corner of the internet that welcomes your rudeness.

Points of Interests

- To add an image to your Favorites, just click "add to Favorites" on the side. You can also up/downvote an image.

- comments can likewise be down/upvoted. You can adjust your voting threshold under your options tab. All comments under that threshold will be hidden.

-if you come across a dupe please tag it as a duplicate removing all other tags, then report it as a duplicate / smaller entry so I can delete as necessary. If you would put in the comments the link to the larger / higher quality / earlier uploaded picture so I can double check it that would be appreciated. Mods you can assist in this as well though only the admin has the power to fully delete things. Please state reasons before deleting a picture.

-tag discussion should go in the tag discussion forum thread, not any comment section to avoid clutter and derailment. The comment section should be directly about or pertaining to topics surrounding said picture.

-you can blacklist any tag you so choose to avoid seeing it and avoid subjecting people who enjoy it to your discomfort. There is absolutely zero reason there should be any flaming over a ship or discomfort over a trigger. Please do keep in mine the tags are probably going to be a WIP for a while, but I'm doing my best to make sure everyone can avoid what they want to avoid. Blacklisting can be done in the options tab under your account. If you choose not to blacklist and instead whine and flame, there will be problems as that is clearly a choice you have made. I won't tolerate whining for the sake of whining very long.


- use your blacklist and safe search as needed. the tags are coming along so it'll be more and more useful for you to do so.


-epilepsy warning
-drug_use / smoking / alcohol for substance triggers
-eyesquick for eye related body horror

Don't be a nerd downvoting and crying over what you don't like. Blacklist and enjoy!


(again, tags are in progress, pardon the mess)

11/04/12 09:44PM
I'm not liking the prospects of that "post as anonymous" checkbox...
11/04/12 09:46PM
Unfortunately the only thing I could keep anons from doing is editing posts and pictures. I will definitely be counting on my mods to help me keep the comments clean.

(also snuff your mod status will be coming soon dw)
11/04/12 09:55PM

So MSPA.Booru is dead now. Okay.
We have a shitload of tags to re-do, add, and delete. Okay.
We have a crapload of pictures to source. Okay.

1. Are all the ib.skaia images on this booru? Are they being uploading thousands at a time instead of all at once? Will they be under our IDs?
2. Should we upload the images we saved from the original mspa.booru?
11/04/12 10:02PM
Slayerducks the main dude at Booru is currently syncing up all the remaining images from skaia to his computer which he estimated would take around 1-2 days. Then he said it would probably take half a day to get these images onto the board. They're all coming though, and will be here safe and sound with their sources and incomplete tags. You do not need to worry, he's uploaded 13k which shows to me it's possible and he's taking the time to do it.

I think he might have put a temporary freeze on the board to make it easier on him. I would suggest holding on to your new pictures anyways as all that would happen is they'd get buried under 50,000 reposts.

Again this should take no longer than three days barring any issues.
11/04/12 10:04PM
11/04/12 10:44PM
You guys should be able to upload all images right now? Just did a test and it worked for me?

There is no freeze put on uploads. Maybe the image already exist or does not have the min image dimension. Lowered it to 50x50 atm.
11/04/12 10:59PM
^ ok guys you should be free to upload if you so choose.
11/05/12 01:12AM
Welp. Everybody double-check to make sure you're logged in before posting because non-logged-in anon posting is a thing here. Also, brace yourselves.
11/05/12 02:55AM
You should be made mod soon so you can help me with any unruly anons instead of having to worry about it too much.
11/05/12 04:34AM
Is there any way to change the timestamps, or are they fixed in one timezone?
11/05/12 06:02AM
Oh, in case you thought so, I wasn't snarking at you. I actually made the exact mistake that I mentioned in the post and was sort of commenting on it. :P
11/05/12 10:06AM
So are we auto-uploading all the old Skainet images right now? Should we upload any images we posted on the old MSPAbooru?

Nice site BTW. :)
11/05/12 10:31AM
You can in theory post now or you can wait until they wouldn't be buried under repost. The board is being synced currently and will be on and off for the next couple days.

Some users are reporting difficulties uploading, I'll be talking to slayerducks about this tomorrow.
11/05/12 11:31AM
LonelyCoast said:
Is there any way to change the timestamps, or are they fixed in one timezone?

Timestamps are static servertime (GMT +1)
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