04/30/13 09:22PM
Did the creator want their work removed? (That's a general question, I'm assuming Pie or someone else knows the answer.)
05/01/13 09:58AM
I think the webcomic artist behind Ava's Demon just doesn't want to be associated with HS in any way, partly because they were a fanartist for it. They talked to the original tumblr user who posted the art about how they didn't want any Avastuck too I think.
05/01/13 04:16PM
Yeah it's kind of a blacklisted subject matter if that makes sense. An anon made a very valid point about not assisting in the spread of material that makes the original creator unhappy.
05/14/13 11:50PM
This is going to keep bugging me forever if someone higher up doesn't clear it up for me, so here's my question: I reported post #7716 as a duplicate and it was deleted altogether, disappearing cleanly off the board. I also reported post #29107 as a duplicate and it was only half-deleted. The image is gone from the page, but there's still a placeholder for it sitting there not only on the comments page but also in the complete post listing. That happens probably 25-35% of the time I report duplicates. What's up with that?

It's like there are two ways to delete an image, and I don't understand why anyone would use the way that doesn't actually get rid of it completely. Or maybe there aren't two ways to delete an image? I have no idea, I don't know what the process is like. Can somebody explain why this happens?
05/15/13 12:16AM
There are two types of deletion when it comes to taking images off the board. Hard deletion and soft deletion.

Soft deletion is possible by all the mods as well as the admin. It takes the image off the board visually but there is still the place holder because the data is not gone and it can be restored if for any reason the report was a mistake or the deletion was a misuse of mod power.

As an admin with access to the admin panel, I am the only one that has the power to hard delete images off the board for good, getting rid of the data completely, removing the placeholder, ect (minus the artifact tags which ugh yeah are in fact a board issue). When an image is soft deleted it goes into a queue I can access through the admin panel to view and choose whether to restore (if any of the previously mentioned problems happened) or hard delete. Placeholders remaining pretty much mean I haven't dropped everything to clean out the queue of soft deleted images, but they are in the queue waiting. Sometimes I get on it right away, sometimes it takes me a bit longer.

As for why it makes me as an admin go through soft deletion putting images in the queue only to then have to delete it in the soft deletion queue instead of just cutting out the middle man, I have no idea. It's slightly annoying but it gets resolved quick enough.

I think that answers your question.
05/15/13 02:18AM
Ah, okay. So a soft delete isn't a copout alternate resolution; the process still concludes with a decision to either hard delete or preserve. That's fine then. Yes, that answers my question perfectly, thanks a lot.
05/15/13 02:45AM
I have a question is there anyway to fix this post #111176? I messed up assigning an unintended post as a parent post which was post #111175 (post #111176 was meant to be the parent post). When I attempted to fix this, not only did 111175 fail to remove any indication that it wasn't supposed to be a parent but, when I tried to make 111176 a parent, it was recognized that it was both a child and a parent post.

So now both images exist in a loop where it would be visible in the general posts section unless you seek out any the various tags associated with the image.
05/15/13 02:55AM
Wow, I tried fiddling with it but I guess only Pie can fix that, if at all.

On the bright side, you've earned your junior ectobiology badge.
05/15/13 03:11AM
I have no idea why it keeps putting the post back into the parent field no matter how many times I try to remove it = / I'll keep fiddling with it see if I can fix it somehow.
05/15/13 04:16AM
On the other hand just deleting and re-uploading would solve the problem decisively, no?
05/15/13 05:08AM
In theory but we've had issue with the board saying things that have been deleted for wrong reasons are still on the board after upload. This could be fixed by a slight pixel upscale but these being animated Iunno if that would work.
05/26/13 12:37AM
Okay. How the heck do I use the mass uploader?
05/26/13 01:36AM

Here is the guide on how to get the ticket.

You put that in the section below where your user id goes (that number at the end of the url found through your profile, yours appears to be 64 )

The top thing is for rating, since we're a SFW only booru, you can just set them all to safe (unless you are planning to do an entire dump of questionable I suppose, either way you can adjust your rating there) and force all rating.

Tagging I click force all tags, then you just put in whatever tags apply to all images (the artist's name for example or an au name or a character name whatever) or just some filler tag if you're dumping stuff randomly but have a huge batch you want to upload fast.

Posting url is the url found at the upload page

make sure that's added in or else it won't work.

and then you just use the image bar at the bottom to queue up all your uploads and let it rip.

Getting the ticket takes the most work but you only have to do it once as far as I know.

You will have to go and individually add your sources and your other tags but trust me it does make things go much faster and is just much less tedious over all.
05/26/13 01:55AM
Pie said:

Here is the guide on how to get the ticket.

Okay. Do you know how to do this in Chrome because this tutorial is going by the Firefox browser?
05/26/13 02:10AM

I don't think it works on Chrome unfortunately. Someone asked around the middle of that page and it seems it doesn't support the script or something.

You might have to temporarily use FF I suppose if you choose to go forward with it.
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