05/26/13 02:19AM
Hold it! I found the section I was looking for in Chrome so it might be able to work on there also.
05/26/13 02:25AM
Fight on Chocoboo!

(Iunno how old that thread is maybe something changed since then or maybe I'm just the least helpful person on the planet it could be any of these things .-.)
05/26/13 02:31AM
Blast! I may need to get Firefox afterall or the portable version at least. The test image is taking to long to upload here. Oh well.
06/04/13 09:14PM
Chocoboo said:
I have a question is there anyway to fix this post #111176? I messed up assigning an unintended post as a parent post which was post #111175 (post #111176 was meant to be the parent post). When I attempted to fix this, not only did 111175 fail to remove any indication that it wasn't supposed to be a parent but, when I tried to make 111176 a parent, it was recognized that it was both a child and a parent post.

So now both images exist in a loop where it would be visible in the general posts section unless you seek out any the various tags associated with the image.

Fixed this. Put in "0" as the parent to clear any parent relationships.

Currently it's 111176 as the parent, 111175 as the child. This OK?
06/04/13 11:24PM
Aw hell yes! Thank you for the advice and fixing the problem, Tropylium. And yes, that set up is a-ok! :)
06/17/13 10:10AM
MSPA Booru said:
This post has child posts. Child posts are often subsequent pages of a doujinshi, or minor variations of the parent post.

Child posts are often subsequent pages of a doujinshi

Can it be used for MSPA fan works?
06/17/13 10:15AM
I prefer pools to child/parenting if it's more than a few pages. Just makes it easier to navigate.
06/17/13 10:20AM
No-no, I'm talking about an artifact word 'doujinshi' of booru-engine. Ya'know, which is used for sites with anime&manga fan art.
06/17/13 10:57AM
NothingSpecial said:
No-no, I'm talking about an artifact word 'doujinshi' of booru-engine. Ya'know, which is used for sites with anime&manga fan art.

Are you somehow unfamiliar with the Homestuck Doujinshi????????
06/17/13 11:24AM
Well okay. Seems legit now.
11/08/13 05:21AM
Creating parent/child posts
How do I create a child post? Do I upload both images separately and then make one the parent, or do I start with setting the parent image and then upload the child?
11/08/13 07:06AM
The first one.
11/08/13 08:16AM
And, um, how do I make one a parent and one a child? (sorry)
11/08/13 12:26PM
Go to the post you wish to make a child and hit the edit button. There is a section called parent. Copy and paste the picture number of the parent picture in the section

For example:


The number at the end is what you need to copy.
11/08/13 01:17PM
To stress it, you won't actually edit the parent image at all (there's no "Children" field or anything like that). You'll just use its image number to edit the child post. I emphasize this to avoid a repeat of that ectobiological mishap we had earlier in the year when two posts were mutually logged as each others' parents, hiding them both from the main board!

But anyway, have fun!
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