01/01/13 11:50PM
New Pool Announcements
For general benefit.

I just started two:
• #61: Austin, Atlantis (Pics of semi-popular "Dirk spending time out in the ocean" implied/headcanons)
• #62: Science (Fairly small now, I'm sure we'd have more applicable stuff from Jade/Roxy/Dirk. Or computer sciency stuff with Sollux etc. Roboti% OK too.)
01/07/13 04:07AM
Starting a pool for Braces because all these dorks prolly need a set.
01/07/13 05:26AM
I'll be starting up a pool to contain everything the horrostuck/nightmarestuck phenomenon made soon, so we have all of them in a single place. I do feel it's something people would look for, not to mention it would basically be a sort of historical vault for one of fandom's bigger crazes.

I'll be focusing mainly on the five "main" horrorstucks that got around: SatanStuck, WTFStuck, Heinoustuck, Taintedstuck, and Tick-TockStuck. There's a couple others I think we have on here, but I can search for those after the big ones are out of the way.
01/16/13 07:25AM
What happened to the first version of "In the Still of the Night"?
01/17/13 05:40PM
Accidental deletion, everything made its way back though.

Unfortunately it's rather easy to make that mistake, so be careful everyone.

Also I made a pool for school girls and boys. It's a pretty common clothing theme in fanart.
01/20/13 10:27PM
I plan on making a "chubby Jane" pool. Would anyone be opposed to that?
01/20/13 10:30PM
Would you be opposed to it just being bigger depictions in general or do you specifically want Jane.

I'm not opposed to either really.
01/20/13 10:53PM
A general fat/chubby/overweight pool would probably be best, since that tends to be a big thing in the fandom, no pun intended. Side note on if we do that, we would still probably need the "fat_vriska" / "fatferi" tags since that is something that gets looked for a lot.
01/20/13 11:45PM
Hmmm... I think this steps into the discussion of what warrants a tag and what is better suited for a pool. "Overweight" probably should be a tag, instead of a pool (rendering my pool proposal totally moot) because I've generally seen pools as a gathering place for specific art styles, common headcanons and grouping of comics or themes.
01/21/13 12:10AM
Ehhhhh Iunno. Overweight holds a lot of negative connotations which opens up a whole case of worms about body issues and depictions and stuff (fatferi and fat vriska tags have always personally irked me a smidge and if anything else I think they should also be pools as pools at least have the option of being ignored a lot easier than tags). Not sure I'd want a tag like that any more then we wanted a race tag (which we didn't)

Sorry for thread derailment, forget I said anything. I seriously contradicted myself, I know. After thinking on it, I guess it doesn't sit as well with me as I thought (certainly not as a tag)

:S Sorry.
01/21/13 04:10AM
Perhaps the question that should be asked then is "how many people would prefer to use the 'overweight' tag as a blacklist or exclusion?"
01/21/13 04:17AM
honestly that doesn't sound all that palatable a reason

having the overweight tag made just so people can remove overweight people from sight is pretty... yeah.

01/21/13 01:43PM
I've created a Weddings pool(#79) for images of characters getting hitched since we have a few of them. That's all right with you guys?
01/22/13 03:51AM
It is a fantastic pool.
02/02/13 09:10AM
I just made a pool for gaming without realizing there was a tag for it. :S
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