03/03/13 11:44AM
So I guess it wasn't announced but... I'm liking the "Non-March Eridan" pool. Still has cross-dressing Eridan, yes, but with alternate fashions.
03/03/13 07:30PM
Yeah that was me. I like crossdressing, and it's nice to see him in... more pretty clothing. Plus it highlights art that takes his crossdressing as more then a joke which is nice.

Also made a pool for inspirational text pictures / comics

(ugh I always forget to announce my pools sorry)
03/10/13 03:09PM
A word on the color pools:

The intent behind them is really to collect the very richest and most sumptuous images of that color on the board. The ones that make you say "DAMN that is a lovely use of color." The goal isn't to gather just every single image on the booru that can be described as mostly that color.

Like, this shit right here, this is SUCH a beauteous blue: post #87380. This shit right here, decidedly less so: post #94095. Nothing wrong with the second picture, it's just not AWE-INSPIRINGLY BLUE the way the first one is.

When I first established the color pools I did throw in a lot of underwhelmingly colored images from the "monochrome" tag just to put some meat on the pools' bones. But every time a new REALLY worthy image enters one of those pools, it raises the bar a little higher and so there's a gradual pruning process. Less is more: Some days I'll add one image to a color pool and delete three. I want these to be truly eye-pleasing collections -- galleries, not repositories -- and I hope the others who've helped contribute to those pools can respect that wish. I really appreciate your help, but please don't take it the wrong way if I decide a picture just doesn't measure up to the always-increasing standard of greenness or purpleness or whatever.
03/10/13 07:23PM

Should we just let you do it then?

Because, not to sound rude or anything, you're pretty much saying the pool has to live up to your standards and yours alone.

Faced with the probability of everything I add into the pool being deleted just kind of makes me want to save the time tagging it in the first place.
03/10/13 07:53PM
I hope the above message didn't sound like I was on a power trip, but I also think it's a little disingenuous -- not completely, but a little -- to speak negatively of "my standards and mine alone" when the pools under question are ones I created...

The description of each pool calls for "the richest red images", etc., not "all red images". You might say that wasn't a clear enough statement of standards, which is fair, and you can definitely say that it was a mistake on my part to flesh the pools out with some less ideal images when I first created the pools. That's, like, super-fair. But all I'm trying to do now is set forth the standard a little more explicitly.

I don't blame your feeling put off by the thought of adding an image and then finding out it's been deleted later, so I can understand if you don't want to continue helping. It's my fault for not being clearer as to what "richest" means -- even with myself, which is why I've pruned as many of my own additions as anyone else's. That being said it's really not my intention to shut anyone out, so I'm sorry.
03/10/13 09:12PM
I wasn't being disingenuous (intentionally anyways) I was asking a question. You did make the pools so if you wanted it to be a personal project based on your own personal standards, you are well within your right to ask for as much. I'm of the opinion that not all the pools have to be booruwide, seeing as their is no limits on the number we can have. I just have a lot of tagging to do and was mostly wondering out loud if focusing on tagging these pools was worth it if they are highly subjective. But I've decided I can manage attempting to properly add to the color pools and everything else.

I'll keep your intent in mind when adding pictures, or at least try my best. I think I get what you mean when you want say, as little white or black in a picture as possible even if it is monochrome.

They are nice pools and I didn't mean to sound haughty or rude. Sorry bout that.
03/10/13 09:27PM
No you didn't sound haughty or rude at all! On the contrary you sounded put off by MY haughty rudeness which I could totally understand.

Yeah I guess my rules of thumb are: white backgrounds are nonideal (although sometimes -- post #5112 -- the existent colors are so pretty that it's gotta be a keeper); lineart images with no shading whatsoever are nonideal; images with just a single flat hue are nonideal; images in which the colors are highly pale or washed-out are nonideal. Those are the kinds of images that I try to gradually phase out in favor of more luxuriant pinks/teals/etc. (even though I'd uploaded plenty of offenders when the pools were starting out). If you're on board with those tenets then I can promise I won't be so frustrating with the deletions, and I really appreciate your help.
03/10/13 09:33PM
Alright having some guidelines laid out definitely helps.

I'll do my best.
03/10/13 11:42PM
I've accidentally deleted the Horrorstuck Pool again, so give me an hour or so to get it back up. Just curious, is there any way to go get deleted pools back, or are they just gone forever?
03/10/13 11:47PM
As far as I know, clicking back and just recollecting what's there is all you can do.

Serious flaw in the board system, I know.
03/10/13 11:48PM
Jeeeeez I hate how easy it is to do that. The only thing I can think of is a preemptive measure: keeping a text file with a log of the most recent revision of any pools you want to claim responsibility for. That way you've got all the image IDs and you can find them again. I should probably do that with the color pools.
03/10/13 11:50PM
Alright, good to know. For my convenience, please don't add anything into it until I'm done getting everything back in.

e:Okay, everything's all fixed up now. The Horrorstuck Pool is now "pool:117", and please add the tag after you've uploaded the image because putting it in during upload puts it at the top of the pool and messes up my tidy ordering.
03/18/13 06:18PM
I don't know if it's the best place for that question, but I don't think that we need a whole thread for that.

So. Is it possible to replace "This post belongs to one or more pools" with "pool: << whatever >>" when post belongs to one pool and to "This post belongs to several pools" when more than one?
Or maybe like that:
"pool: << whatever >>"
"pool: << whatevermore >>"
"pool: << ohyouluckybastard >>"
"pool: << stopitplease >>"
03/20/13 06:44AM
I just made a pool dedicated to cosplayers who are housepets instead of people.
03/20/13 02:38PM
Yes yep yep yep yes
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