03/21/13 02:08AM
Started a new pool for kid versions of Dad Crockerbert.
03/21/13 02:08AM
That's a mighty good pool name right there.
03/21/13 02:57AM
Also guess I shoulda said this early but I deleted the gaming pool since we appear to be going for a tag instead

(I made sure all six images in the pool had the tag before taking it down).
03/22/13 02:02AM
And then there were no more color pools. Forever. I mean, probably. I mean, I can only assume so. I mean, please don't hold me to that because anything can happen guys, anything.

Back to sourcing for me, then.
03/22/13 02:17AM
NothingSpecial said:
I don't know if it's the best place for that question, but I don't think that we need a whole thread for that.

So. Is it possible to replace "This post belongs to one or more pools" with "pool: << whatever >>" when post belongs to one pool and to "This post belongs to several pools" when more than one?
Or maybe like that:
"pool: << whatever >>"
"pool: << whatevermore >>"
"pool: << ohyouluckybastard >>"
"pool: << stopitplease >>"

Quoting this because I want to know if this is possible also. This is how the set-up usually is on Danbooru proper.
03/22/13 03:15AM
No idea. Would have to be asked of the guy who runs the actual ib software
03/24/13 12:37AM
In light of the recently surfaced Hunk John picture, I propose a Hunkathon pool filled with only the finest hunks and man-babes that would cause anyone to have a case of the vapors in their panties (or manties).
03/24/13 01:04AM
I second the motion on the grounds that we name it Dat Hunk.
03/28/13 03:52AM
Added a "Blind_Terezi" pool to replace the same-named tag we had.
03/28/13 01:07PM
I think you might want to make the name or description a little clearer... I can all too easily imagine someone not really looking at the extant images and deciding to import every "terezi -seeing_terezi" picture on the booru.

In fact, even within the 11, I'm already seeing one that doesn't seem to belong: post #33528. It's beautiful (and I nabbed it for Opulent Oranges right away, I confess), but how does this image specifically trade on the fact that she's blind? Because she's facing away from the sunset?? I don't think anyone who didn't know Terezi would look at that and realize "Ah, she's blind; that is the source of humor or tension in this image."

I'm just trying to be clear, though -- that IS the intent of the pool, right? Images that play up her blindness particularly, as opposed to most depictions which pretty much assume she can get along fine with smell-o-vision?
03/28/13 02:27PM
The title of that piece is

"Terezi looking at the sunset" though...
03/28/13 02:30PM
Ah. Yep.

I think I'm three for three now. I wonder what my dumb thing for tomorrow will be.
03/28/13 02:32PM
Haha it's alright, that one does require some context. But it is applicable to the pool.
03/28/13 07:20PM
Made a JadeDog pool for more "furry" Jade pics, but it could also extend to literal dog Jade I guess.
03/28/13 07:43PM
Clarification on coatless Nepeta pool.

That's not for like fashion and alternate outfits right, just her regular clothes sans coat?
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