06/05/13 04:50AM
Bad Gateway errors
Has anyone else encountered this while attempting to upload images or visit the site? I'm talking about the "Bad Gateway" errors page. I thought that would usually occur when many people are visting the site but sometimes it happens to me at late nights(EST US from my perspective). Anyone know what's the cause of that?
06/05/13 07:55AM
I usually get them when browsing the site. I don't know what might be causing them.
06/05/13 08:09AM
I don't get them often enough to say when they tend to happen. Mostly I'm able to tell that it's gonna happen because it takes more than a second to connect, so I just go do something else for a minute, then when I get back it usually reloads fine.
06/05/13 08:19AM
It used to happen to me about 3-5 times a month last year, but I haven't seen one in a while. Also what Snuffleheim said.
06/05/13 06:37PM
I get them pretty often. I think they come from too many people trying to get on the site at once.
06/06/13 07:07AM
Whoa, ok, just got a bad one that wouldn't go away. Huh.
06/06/13 12:46PM
This most likely happened when we do database backups. Every morning at GMT +2 we dump all our databases so that we can safely store them on the backup server. This process takes up a huge chunk of I/O and temporally locks up the database. The webserver will return a 502 bad gateway because the backend is not responding.

The window of this is so small that i haven't took the time to implement something to put the site on maintenance mode for a few min.

If this happens throughout the whole day then something els is going wrong.
06/07/13 04:28AM
^I'm fairly certain the timing is more varied than that, although I haven't kept deliberate track...
06/15/13 04:40AM
I believe this thread has cursed me. Ever since I first posted here, they've become more of a pain in the butt, although fortunately no more frequent.

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