07/22/13 08:17AM
Major Life Events
So I thought it would be a good idea to put this up here, as a way of letting everybody know what is going on and/or if you need to vanish for a little while. Sort of like a place to announce things, celebrate, or to express a need for support.

Sound good?
07/22/13 08:20AM
As for myself, I have good news!

I've been working hard towards graduation!! And I passed all my examinations and defenses!! Look out world, here I come with a degree!!

(Also unspoken within that was the grand upheaval to get through everything. It was like a real-world Reckoning, I'll tell you what. @_@)
07/23/13 04:19AM
Congrats! What were you majoring in?
07/23/13 06:47AM
Educational psychology! :3
07/23/13 07:25AM
Go Nyre!
07/23/13 09:39AM
I just got back from vacation.
07/23/13 01:03PM
Where'd you go, MS?
07/23/13 08:27PM
That's pretty awesome Nyre. As a fledgling college student who's still kinda finding my footing I'd be lying if I said I wasn't the slightest bit envious! But you put in the hard work and that sounds like a really awesome job.
07/26/13 12:19AM
Well, I guess I should post here considering I've been gone since early May, just to say that I'm back.
07/26/13 08:04PM
Welcome back Swag!

And keep going Pie. It's not going to be easy, but it's totally worth it.
07/31/13 01:18PM
I just realized that my room got burglarized and I lost about 1000 bucks worth of games and gaming systems!

Not quite the happiest of life news but it'll be my first trip to the police station tomorrow at least, plus my first time filing a police report.

Hope you guy's day is going well and sorry for taking this venue to vent some murderous rage on the internet.

07/31/13 09:44PM
^Now that is a true tragedy. /jokingbutnotsarcasm

What did you lose specifically, if I may ask?
08/01/13 12:48AM
My 360 my PS3 about 35 games for both, plus various cords and controllers.

Maybe they aren't worth that much now, but they sure were worth that much when I bought them (hell 1k is probably lowballing it considering I payed 50 bucks for the majority of my games).

Luckily I brought my computer with me on vacation or else that woulda gotten stolen too.

Also lucky I guess that I haven't yet purchased my 3DS I was saving for, mostly because I am poor and this kind of stuff takes me a while to purchase.

/looks for the bright side through grit teeth.
08/01/13 01:44AM
Hmm. Well... uh... At least it happened now when the new consoles are about to come out I guess?
Oh, wait, money. And no backwards-compatibility.

Yeah, I dunno.
08/01/13 01:52AM
Haha yeah money. Money not spent on school and books and house payments.

Well I'm pretty determined to at least do everything I can to make this guy fry. Honestly being a gamer is too expensive and time consuming for me at this point in my life, but with my misanthropy in full kick I'm pretty ready to at least give it a fight.

Anyways sorry for bringing this topic to the ground in a fiery blaze, I was just a little angry this morning.
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