09/11/13 05:47AM
Snuffleheim said:

Mr_Ruse said:
Does that mean that Kanaya used her space healing powers to heal the hole in her body? After all, a hole is just empty space.

Wouldn't that fall under the purview of a Sylph of Void?

Well a Sylph of Void would be healing Void, and filling in an empty hole would be getting rid of that void, so I'm gonna say no.
09/11/13 06:49PM
Except the titles aren't that rigid. Just as a destroyer class can for example destroy with their aspect or make their aspect the subject of destruction, couldn't a healer class heal someone from the influence of their aspect, not just heal the aspect itself?
09/13/13 04:29AM
Seriously, where is Jake's blonde spiky hair. Also Jade is dangerously close towards the lava.
09/13/13 05:15AM
Yep. Jake is definitely making fun of the animes that do this sort of thing now.
09/13/13 06:22AM
God FUCKING dammit.
09/13/13 06:27AM
At least Jade's as baffled as I am for why she picked LOFAF to swap with Derse.

Personally, I would've gone with LOHAC if I was in the position to do so. At least most of the planet's surface is molten magma, so Jake'd be able to do way less potential damage.
09/13/13 09:33AM
It's gonna turn out exactly like this:

09/13/13 03:28PM
MisterSolitaire said:
You become...

My God.


Jake English.

Really, you are just utterly astounded by how shitty your IMAGINATION is. If your IMAGINATION was a face you would punch it.

In the face.

post #62261
09/13/13 11:54PM
09/14/13 01:37AM
Did jake just knock the grimbark out of jade?
09/14/13 02:28AM
It's either that, or going unconscious keeps HIC's influence out of her. At the least we can hope this might mean some shenanigans with Jade in the dream bubbles.
09/14/13 07:26AM
So... that's how it's gone? Just by hitting her with an overpowered hope field. I get that it could be a Hope thing. But damn.

Grimbark. It died like it lived. With senselessness and disappointment.
09/14/13 08:11AM
I doubt we've seen the last of it. If HIC could break her in within seconds of entering the local Inciphisphere, she could do it again if she wanted.
09/14/13 09:42AM
Hussie, no, bad hussie bad
09/14/13 09:51AM
Welp, it has been a while since a major character death.

Not that this will perma-kill her or anything, but still.
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