06/19/14 01:34AM
What my T-Shirt sign is telling me
Hey guys. I started making the lyrics for a song, following this post:

er... mostly bronies will understand, but as for anyone out of the jib. it's a song about having your destiny mixed up with the others.

Vriska thinks she's a tyrant wannabe like Eridan, he's the mother grub. Vriska is on the wheel-chair, Feferi is a juggaloo... fucking incredble.

if anyone wants to continue the song, just follow the lead and you'll do perfect in any way!
06/19/14 01:48AM
oh, by the way, I forgot!

if you want the original song, the lyrics and a link to the video are here:

I noticed my part isn't too good on syllabe count, but well. maybe you can do better.
10/25/15 05:41PM
I've finished it without actual hearing the song. But I guess I did my best :33

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