11/05/12 03:51AM
Same here. Anyway, just did a pass for untagged 3_in_the_morning_dress pics to knock a few off, and a lot of those were tagged bec_noir obviously, so it got me thinking.
11/05/12 05:34AM
Yeah, I'm not for removing tags either. Just altering certain ones to reflect the policies of the new board ex. using "doctor_who" instead of "whostuck".

I'm going to suggest some new tags in the general tag thread.
11/05/12 03:41PM
So two persistent four-tag groups I'm seeing are:
a) Godtiers that lack class tags
b) Shipping pictures that lack romtype (redrom et all)

Currently working on the former, but "shipping" has 53 pages of tagmes at the moment, over a quarter of the tag total, and between ship names and romtypes that seems pretty excessive.
11/05/12 07:30PM
Don't forget that Hussie's godtier outfit gets tagged as "waste". I'm working on the class tags as well while I can, although I won't have as much opportunity since I'm still getting my uploads from the old booru.
11/05/12 09:50PM
saccharineSylph the artist (up to current uploads) is now separated from Sylph the class.
11/05/12 10:34PM
modifying the following tags

fashionstuck <-- fashion
zelda <-- the_legend_of_zelda
avatarstuck <-- avatar_the_last_airbender
whostuck <-- doctor_who
wonderlandstuck <-- alice_in_wonderland
magicastuck <-- madoka_magica
(though I admit I am a bit more hesitant on this once since magicastuck is an actual au based on MM but not directly crossing over with it mostly? Iunno I'll just change it for now, decide on it later)

also changing disneystuck to just a general disney tag with another tag for the specific movie / series if applicable.
11/05/12 11:04PM
BTW adding tags-to-rename as aliases seems to help somewhat: you can just edit + save, no need to type anything out.
11/05/12 11:09PM
Duly noted, thank you.

As a side note you can add tags under "my options" and have them under the image everytime you go to edit, simply clicking on them will have add them to the picture you're editing.
11/06/12 09:03PM
Done with sourcing checkup from 15600 to 16000 (lots of unsourced Aradia & Equius around here), continuing upwards. Is anyone else doing this systematically and if so, where are you going?
11/06/12 09:46PM
Once the sync is done I'll go back to tagging from the back forward. I am attempting to source some of the stuff, but I'm mainly focusing on tags because god they are a mess and it's going to take forever.
11/06/12 10:49PM
Yes right, I mean the source *tags* (artists/unsourced).
11/06/12 11:30PM
I'll tag artists and source status along with everything else.

also in case anyone didn't realize it, just give everyone an artist tag by username unless the tumblr is completely deleted (then you don't have to, but please retain any source given). Also make sure they don't go by another name like skye or eli obviously. There's a list of such artist tags in the tags to remember thread.
11/07/12 07:52PM
Separated the sprite_mode from the sprite tag from the old board. Keep those seperate
sprite (aradia, dave, jade, tavris, bec, jaspers, nanna, cal, any fansprites, ect)
sprite mode

There of course also can be sprite_modes of sprites.
Talksprites also have their own tag.
11/08/12 12:27AM
Started appending dupe numbers to the tag (e.g. duplicate:15569) which hopefully helps a bit in the future? The "delete" button is not doing anything for me - is this supposed to be visible to everyone, am I supposed to be a mod but not quite, does this push things to an admin queue…?
11/08/12 02:31AM
I don't think you're supposed to see a delete button as a regular member... flag for deletion yes, actual delete? Uh.

Flag every dupe, I will get to em soon.
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