09/01/14 07:39AM
Ex-Gigapause μ: Have a Cigar, Slick, You're Gonna Go Far (September-October)
New Month, blah blah New Thread, blah next month I swear I'm not going to name the thread after a Pink Floyd song, etc, etc.

I am genuinely glad that Rose is getting some more airtime on PXS. At the same time though, I'm starting to feel like the stories are starting to favor the meteor gang lately. Hopefully we'll get something with the battleship crew soon.

09/09/14 04:47PM
How do you play against an omniscient, practical god in a game he clearly has no chance of losing? You fuck with him.
09/10/14 04:35AM
Might as well enjoy it, right?
09/10/14 10:49PM
I wonder what horrors we would find in the box of Old Vriska Fanfiction. XD
09/11/14 04:47PM
Scratch that, he isn't even aware
09/11/14 10:11PM
Knight-Mare Enterprises...oh man. It's a Kirby: Right Back At Ya reference. I'm JUST noticing that. THANK YOU.
09/15/14 01:49PM
So it seems that Doc Scratch has buttons for nipples.

Finally we can be at peace.
09/18/14 03:28PM
That Mom selfie is priceless.
09/27/14 09:10AM
The gigapause is likely next month. http://www.mspaintadventures.com/
09/27/14 01:23PM
Dang, he sounded pretty exasperated in that news post. I wonder if he lost any passion in finishing this comic.
09/27/14 03:49PM
It also sounded like a lot of shit went down in his personal life that he doesn't want to get into. He could just not have been in the best emotional state when writing that post. I guess we'll see when he starts updating whether or not he did lose interest.
09/28/14 07:53AM
"Feels a little odd even TALKING about revving up this monstrosity again. It's been pretty serene on the web these days. I've been reluctant to even drop a pebble into the pristine glass-like state of the fandom, before being good and damn well ready to. Why wake the beast prematurely?"

This part hit a chord with me. There's a lingering background energy among the fans that he can sense, and after the explosion that was [S]Cascade it's downright -scary- to think of that happening again. Having the whole thing go out with a bang heard across all of social media will be passed like a kickstarter funding goal.
I could be wrong, and maybe this pause -has- given time for thought and maturity on how we'd like to remember the comic canon when it finally does end. But I think the least we can do is continue to be GOOD FANS. Who wouldn't want that?
10/09/14 03:22AM
10/10/14 06:43AM
10/14/14 09:44AM
Canon now: Dolomama uses a bonesaw as her weapon.
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