10/15/14 04:27PM
Adventures of a first time mother, The Dolorosa.
10/16/14 05:13AM
Update most-likely friday. Someone at whatpumpkin hinted at an update later this week.
10/16/14 06:03AM
It's official: grub sauce is made from real grubs.
10/17/14 12:42AM
Seeing that MSPA is down, unsurprisingly,


Here's hoping we are getting a bad mango/animu retelling of Hiveshit.
10/17/14 05:44AM
...Guys. It's gone now. The newest page isn't on the "Latest Pages" anymore...and for some reason it now also says "2009" on the very first page for John's birthday.
10/17/14 05:49AM
It's always said 2009 though.
10/17/14 06:00AM
ploe said:
It's always said 2009 though.

Wow, has it been that long without an update that I forgot that? ...I'm being sincere here...
10/17/14 02:02PM
ploe said:
It's always said 2009 though.

You're wrong, Zooty's right. The "2009" is a new addition to the text. I guess it is to be consistent with Jane's intro.
10/18/14 02:52AM


'nuff said.

---and just in case the server crashes again---
The Itinerary.

Or maybe, since Halloween is coming up, I should call it The Itinerscary. Especially because we may be in store for some spoooooky server crashes with these first few update dumps. Eep, I'm gettin the willies here!

One page today to test the waters (or uh, yesterday). When that's done and the coast is clear (it won't be), I'll post a bunch of pages on the 17th and 18th (oops, now the 18th and 19th). Then there will be nothing until 10/25. And then nothing until 11/1, at which point regular updates will begin again, according to an update schedule which I will share with you on that day. Then you will know which precise pattern of dates you will need to handcuff yourself to a computer and plug in your custom keyboard that only has a single giant F5 key.

It would seem against my better judgment, or really my ability to control in any way whatsoever, a fair amount of hype has been brewing for the return of Homestuck. People are jacked up. They are doing little dances in places they cannot be seen. They are writhing in kiddie pools of pins and needles for the return of all their favorite fantasy children. "John." "Karkat." And more. So it's hard to avoid finding it just a LITTLE funny that after a year-long drought, hopping back in the saddle means we will have to wade through 50 pages of completely atrocious garbage before anything happens. It's funny how life works out sometimes. Funnier than a clown tickling a horse. Sometimes you pause your famous webcomic for a year, and then your grand reopening is a lot of bad anime. On such occasions, when life hands you those kooky lemons, there is really only one thing you can say.

Fuck lemonade. These lemons are incredible.
10/18/14 11:12AM
UPDATE! A What and update it is!
10/18/14 12:48PM
This is it.
Finally, the [strikethrough]Rock HAS COME BACK[/strikethrough] updates have returned in full force. And it is changing everything.
This board will be packed full of Homosuck: Redux characters by the end of the day.

(edit: blasted tags...)
10/18/14 03:34PM
The fact that Caliborn's deviantArt account actually exists is the best thing.

And I pretty much lost it entirely after "moe bros".
10/18/14 05:23PM
Petition to rename red_knight_district to moe_bros
10/19/14 01:34AM
Lol, People on Twitter are angry because they claim Hussie stole the design from that one drawing.

Original Character Do Not Steal
10/19/14 03:11AM
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