12/04/15 06:02PM
Which tags do we miss the most?
This is because the search is down and I became on the idea to gather tags we miss the most. Just make a top 5, that's enough.

1. All mind control tags. (mind control, chucklevoodoos, grimdark, crocker corruption)
2. Tags like Makara's, Leijons, Megido's and such
3. Epic
4. Q-dormir.
5. Insecure-illustrator.
12/04/15 06:21PM
I miss all of them tbh. but mostly artists that have deleted their tumblr, so this is the only place you can find their art.
1. Vriscuit
2. Kiwitank
3. BQ/snowman
4. spidermoth
5 gore
12/04/15 07:57PM
What kind of art do they make?
12/04/15 08:35PM
NepetaLeijon27 said:
What kind of art do they make?

all sorts of stuff. kiwitank had some really nice diverse body types and vriscuit did lots of femslash
12/05/15 08:56AM
Well, q-dormir made cute grubs like these:
(warning for diabetes type 7)

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