01/28/16 10:12AM
Proposal to prohibit anonymous accounts, as well as anonymous posting
Well, what do you think of that idea?
01/29/16 03:44PM
Annoying though I'd find it, that might at least force some culpability onto Equaranon.
01/29/16 10:06PM
Equaranon does actually come out of anon occasion, to complain on the forums or post anti-equara pics. I know the users ratakantuuk, LEEEL, and NNJJ are some of their sockupuppets, but there's probably plenty that had their posts deleted by the admins.
02/02/16 12:50AM
I am in favor of prohibition of anonymous accounts. This foolishness has gone too far.
02/12/16 06:58PM
OKAY now I really expect some LIFE in here...
02/12/16 08:58PM
I still supporting the idea of banning anonymous accounts. But we can not do anything until an administrator come here, and they don't seem to be very much agree with the idea.
04/04/16 06:19AM
More an issue that they/we aren't really around much.
02/26/19 03:56PM
Anonymous are fine, you should ban IPs instead (is that even possible on boorus?)

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