03/29/16 04:48AM
March (and April, I suppose) 2016 Update Thread: Pedal to the ground.
Hussy lives in his own imaginary world.

What a pity he tends to destroy such things.
03/29/16 11:38PM
oh yeah I forgot about this
04/02/16 07:23PM
And there we go, all set up for End of Act 6.

To be fair, I expected there to be a final extra panel with a closeup of Hussie. Oh well, can't have everything.
04/06/16 08:16AM
Okay, that was pretty awesome. Four of the five fights resolved, now only one to go...
04/06/16 12:53PM
I'm so glad we got to watch Dad beating the hell out of Cans for no particular reason.

04/08/16 06:08PM
Oh my god. I've got to say, I find today's update really gross. Maybe I'm just salty about Spades Slick's death, but I don't think it's okay to just transfer his cute ship tease with Ms. Paint to the other Jack. That's a cheap attempt to downplay Slick's death and unfairly dump sympathy points onto Jack Noir (who deserved to die way more than Slick did).
04/13/16 04:45AM
I don't know.
04/13/16 04:52AM
So. What did everyone think of that upd8? I'm for the most part okay with it, but since it updated at midnight eastern time, there is still time for him to screw us over and have "PSYCHE" just there, and a caption that says: "to be continued" or something.
04/13/16 07:46AM
It's not even an Evangelion cool mindfuck ending. It's like you set up the DVR wrong and it didn't record the last fifteen minutes of your show.
04/13/16 08:56AM
So what happened to Lord English? Calliope destroyed the Green Sun, but what happened to LE himself? Are the kids now stuck in Can Town forever and be forced to watch as Dad and the trolls grow old and die, becoming the immortal heirs of this new world?
04/13/16 12:57PM
I can appreciate the creation-myth quality of the ending (and obviously, the amazing animation), but this whole post-Collide sequence jettisoned the best thing Homestuck had going for it, which was the character interactions and snappy dialogue.

It's understandable that Hussie would try to go out on a wave of images and emotions instead of words, but he swung so far in that direction that he ended up giving no closure to anyone's individual character. Hey, what was up with Karkat? Wasn't his arc building up to discovering his real role as a leader in the society to come? Wasn't there some noise about Kanaya, I don't know, using a newly generated matriorb to restore the troll race? Eh, who cares, TADPOLE.
04/13/16 09:15PM
I... dunno about anyone else, but I was hoping that Act 7 would be... y'know... an Act? It seems like there's been a significant pacing issue here for a while.
04/16/16 01:00AM
Did anyone else here know that the MSPA Forums have been down for like, two weeks?
04/17/16 04:24PM
Huh, no I didn't. Had been meaning to take a glance there, too...
04/19/16 06:24AM
Snuffleheim said:
I... dunno about anyone else, but I was hoping that Act 7 would be... y'know... an Act? It seems like there's been a significant pacing issue here for a while.

That was part of the point, actually. In order to end Lord English's influence on Homestuck (of which Act 6 was pretty much just him having taken it over completely and destroying it) Andrew took back the reins as author and finished it. 7 Acts, 7 Years.

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