07/27/23 09:44PM
this is still up??
i just found this in 2023 and it's like a time capsule. i wish websites like this were still used
i dont even know if theres any people reading these anymore or even any mods but its still cool as fuck. time travelling baby
08/02/23 04:27PM
At it's end
All the mods are gone, if they are still here they sure as hell dont know their old passwords. It's basically more of an archival website/iceflower99's dumping ground. There's some still here, but it's nothing more than viewers and the few spare people still uploading.
08/05/23 05:53PM
that makes sense, it's pretty sad. i wasnt in the fandom when hs was at its peak but it seems like this place was pretty big so its fun to see all the old fandom culture
08/09/23 08:58AM
pretty wvild huh
i come here from time to time , ya know ... when there’s images with a lack of a source. dead links and whatnot. i only finished hs this year, but i’ve engaged in fan content since about 2013 (just dancestor stuff really).

this place really is a good resource ya know, just wish is wasn’t so dead. eh, guess that’s just how it is chief. a bummer regardless...
08/19/23 06:24PM
it still has its users
though a very small amount.. i know an artist who posts here and on deviant art but yea. most posts now are reposts without credits or just with tumblr post links to dead account who haven't posted in years, quite sad really. but there's a a bit of hope if fans start talking about this place again. maybe
08/26/23 11:35PM
I always check back on this place every couple of months...it is what you make it, I guess. For there to be more activity there has to be activity in the first place, so get uploading, get posting on the forums, maybe something will happen. And if it doesn't, oh well, you tried. Though I wonder if bringing attention to a site with no mods and no way to make people mods is the best idea, there's no safeguard against spamming and that kind of thing. I'd rather it be low-key than totally overrun.
08/29/23 01:24PM
if only there was a way to contact a known mod or whoever has access to technical site stuff someone else could take charge (not me lol)
09/13/23 03:53AM
The best way to help a site become active is to start posting! Find fanart around the web, and bring it back here. Boorus aren't meant as primary hosts, rather aggregators. I post here on occasion (I think im 34th most posted?), i really aught to do it more. If you like this place, or at least the concept of this place, you should contribute.

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