10/01/23 11:46AM
On Transtuck, June Egbert, Etc.
Making this thread on account of a recent mass tagging of older pictures with these tags.

I'm of the opinion that traditional genderswap and rule63 shouldn't count as transtuck, and that the june_egbert tag shouldn't be invoked unless the author either could be presumed to or outright does use that name. (ie, even if its a transfem egbert, if it uses the name joan, jean, etc it shouldnt be tagged june). If the character is explicitly being depicted as, or can be presumed to be from the artists other works, contemporary fandom, etc. then it would be tagged as transtuck, otherwise just regular old rule63.

But, I am of course not a monolith and this is a community project, so I'm interested to hear others arguments on this subject.

EDIT: Quick followup, I just thought of this. If we were to only tag june_egbert on artwork that uses that name, where would June Eg8ert of godfeels fall?

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