12/01/12 12:36AM
MadameMiz said:
Pie said:
Counter prediction: Jane's matured over the course of the pause and won't give Jake the power to ruin her mood. She will dispense advice to help Jake stop being such a doofus and then have cake with her gal pals.

That would be better, yeah. I hope for her sake that I'm wrong. Everyone should just chill, head over to LOPAN, forget their problems for a minute and have delicious cake.

I choose to be hopeful that the day Jane's character is no longer tethered to Jake is soon :Y

It's a cute ship, it's not even about shipping. I just am ready for her to spread her wings.
12/01/12 02:19AM
12/01/12 02:29AM
The only thing I'm really disappointed about, is that neither Erisolsprite or fefetasprite have cool horn fusions that tavrissprite did
12/01/12 02:48AM
I can picture how that would work with Erisolsprite (two sets of wavy horns on either side) but I'm blanking on how one could properly fuse Feferi and Nepeta's horns...
12/01/12 03:05AM
Yeah, all the potential fusions I can think of would look kind of awkward. e.e

In other news, Roxy and Rose both have cat princesses for sprites. =D
12/01/12 03:05AM
Well, on Erisolsprite having two separate horn styles instead of a fusion goes with the bifurcation theme it has.
12/01/12 03:39AM
ElementJester said:
Well, on Erisolsprite having two separate horn styles instead of a fusion goes with the bifurcation theme it has.

Also I can't think of any particular internal differences for Neferi to mull over, she might end up a well-rounded fusion.

so no comments about GCat's return yet?
12/01/12 04:03AM
Augh sorry clicked delete instead of reply, sorry.

To answer the question, I'll be unstickying this thread and making one for December but I see no reason to delete it.

Also hells yes GCat.

12/01/12 04:19AM
Calling it now: Karquiusprite.
12/01/12 05:05AM
*takes out lotion*

those bitches

better not waste that delicious cake
12/01/12 07:21AM
Well, all that's left is Equius.

Saw some decent theories on what he's prototyped with and I think my two favorite ideas were: Auto-Responder+Dirk head, or Minihoof.
12/01/12 08:15AM
Locking thread now so we can begin to utilize the new thread. Feel free to continue all conversation in the December update thread (if you maybe wanna move your recent responses over there feel free). This thread will be kept on the board for archival purposes.
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