11/14/12 05:16AM
You are now Caliborn.

{No psycheout it seems, but at least we get to check in with the Cherub session.}
11/14/12 05:20AM
He used the pages to wipe the blood off. :I
11/14/12 05:20AM
That's a better theory than mine, that he's using the pages to staunch the bleeding. D:
11/14/12 05:21AM
Yessssss Cherubtime
11/14/12 05:34AM
What a cute.

Time to get tender.
11/14/12 06:04AM
I had a thought. An old thought, from the Meenah/Vriska battle flash.

So we've seen that both the Alternians and Beforans had many doomed timelines. I can accept that as true except.

...why has there been only one Meenah?
11/14/12 06:40AM
Because not every single instance of a doomed timeline is represented in the flash, obviously. Or to put things in clearer terms, the flash didn't include every single troll from doomed timelines. That's just preposterous in scale.
11/14/12 07:10AM
Only thing that would make this even better is if there is the origin of the felt during this intermission.
11/14/12 07:13AM
^ That would be amazing? Alpha Felt? BABY FELT?

jfc. I can dream.
11/14/12 03:45PM
Nyre said:
...why has there been only one Meenah?

I imagine alternate Meenahs are not going to lured in by whatever party nonsense is going on in the distance. (Nor Vriskas, for that matter.)

If there's a type of SBLAH player that resists timeline splintering, it's probably Light… remember doomed timeline Rose?
11/14/12 04:35PM
This update was the update I was hoping would fall the Alpha kids update. I can think of no better character to go to.

So happy.
11/14/12 11:53PM
No comment about the holding the gun joke? :(
11/15/12 12:13AM
It just got put up, Snuffy. I think all the kids are at school still. :3
11/15/12 12:55AM
Why is there no Derse? Am I forgetting something?
11/15/12 01:02AM
Yeah, it's weird that there's no Derse. Something's up.
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