11/15/12 01:14AM
Derse still orbits beyond the Veil, not next to Skaia.

I wonder why they are even playing in the first place — or where they got the game from (or any of stuff of theirs, really).
11/15/12 10:15AM
^ Oh right. Yeah ok, I was indeed forgetting something.

Also um... Caliborn you ok there?
(the plot thickens)
11/15/12 10:37AM
Well, clearly it was your own thought that you have MAJOR PSYCHOLOGICAL PROBLEMS. And totally not the result of some medium-directed narrative.


11/15/12 05:03PM
I guess he's going to start going crazy now.

And by crazy, I mean crazier than he already is. :(
11/15/12 09:57PM
Dangerously crazy, if he has some form of medium awareness.
11/15/12 11:06PM
Is that light supposed to remind of HAL?

Could be just gas suck'd from the sun into the black hole, but probably not.
11/16/12 10:27PM
Reminds me of a radio tower.
11/16/12 10:27PM
Well that solves the mystery of how useful Calliope's name was going to be. :|

And we finally get some details on what happened when the Alphas entered the game, woohoo. :}
11/16/12 10:29PM
Yeah reminds me of the things they use to keep airplanes from crashing into mountains since it's blinking and not a steady light, but the Hal comparison is intriguing.

And yep. Appears like more than some lesbian ho yay is going to be needed to take down LE. Sorry fandom : <

(though in fairness there's still the chance it needs to be said out loud and not just typed)
11/16/12 11:22PM
I can't even feel bad for this, I'm too busy stroking my chin thoughtfully and watching that looming Other Shoe. Bummer.
11/17/12 01:50AM
The true tragedy of this update is the loss of future Calbiron pesterlogs on his end.
11/17/12 02:00AM
^ the_truth
11/17/12 02:17AM
PS: That's totally Gamzee's husktop.
11/17/12 03:21AM
In which Serenity proves that she is an excellent judge of careacter
*char, that works.

And I am loving the hell out of Jane's reaction to Dirk right now. xDD
11/17/12 04:44AM
Oh man, this is great. Jane's reaction is great. Roxy is great. Everyone is great right now. I have absolutely nothing more contructive to add, I'm just pleased with these updates.

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