01/14/16 03:06PM
i ended up making the transparent tag, not sure if we're allowed to just make tags out of the blue, but ive added nearly 300 images to it so far at least
01/19/16 05:09PM
I realize it's probably faaaar too late for this sort of thing, and it would take a super long time, and add at least 30 more tags, but...
I was thinking maybe there should be a godtier tag for each character? Sort of like how Jade has Dogtier, but just... godtier_john, for instance, since each other outfit a character has has its own tag.
Plus it makes it a little awkward to search godtier and a character's name, then find a ton of pictures where there's a second character and they're the godtier one.
01/19/16 07:26PM
godtier john_egbert solo then??
01/20/16 01:25AM
Well, yeah, that's what you'd usually do but that excludes any group pictures that'd have godtier john.
It'd just make searching a little easier, really.
01/20/16 08:30PM
There's actually a handful of "dogtier" pictures that don't have Jade in them at all. Really, it just'd be too much work to tag all the "godtier" pictures with things like "godtier_character" or what-have-you.
01/23/16 07:16PM
Parent/Child Tag
I was wondering if we could set up a tag for parent kids interacting (in a pale, friendship way) with their child kids, Jane and John or Dirk and Dave for example. Like how we have the "siblings:" parent tag for non-incestuous Dave/Rose and John/Jade pairings.
01/24/16 04:22AM

How many of those pictures would fall into the fuzzy "shipping or not" quandary?
01/24/16 07:38PM
I know we have a few under the "bromance" tag.
10/12/16 12:44AM
"Moved Source" Tag?
As I have been browsing fanart on the board, I have often come across links to an artist's Tumblr that are broken or have been deleted (usually because the artist has moved to a different Tumblr). In that case, is there a "moved source" tag that I can apply to such art, or would it just be good to put tags like "broken_source" or "deleted_source" to signify this? Thanks for the help.
10/24/17 05:14PM
I have been starting the tag redirecting_source, since I posted some pictures I reblogged when I just arrived on tumblr. These artworks are so old, that the artists who made it sometimes deleted. redirecting_source refers to a blog, or in most cases, my blog, on which the image is still be found. These should always be tagged with broken_source, which refers to the source behind it.;tags=redirecting_source
10/30/23 10:31PM
Any objections to changing the homestuck^2 tag to homestuck beyond canon and like. maybe setting up an alias for it? it seems generally like that's what people are tagging their stuff as now and seems more in line with where the story is going.
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