12/12/12 08:12AM
^For about the third time in a row.

If the data collection is all finished, maybe this would be a bit more interesting if we changed this to how you found and joined either MSPABooru or skaianet?
12/12/12 01:36PM
Now THAT is a harder question. Uh...

I'm pretty sure somebody linked me to skaianet via a livejournal RP. If I recall correctly she was playing Sollux and I was playing Akira Takizawa from Eden of the East. She had a whole slew of neat fanarts and would show them to me. Eventually, I started to poke around skaianet and loved all the pics. But after a while I found out that some sources were represented more than others... I think people blogged, through google search and the mspa forrums, but that may just be faulty memory. Myself, I would scrounge around deviantart and pixiv and other non-standard image boards. Then I saw some art that the board didn't have and thought "now that's a travesty!" So I made my account with them and posted up my first image: post #8055 (which was around the 8000s too iirc).

I was ID#91 too, which I believe officially makes me as old as dirt. :3 I'll never be as good a poster as Pie, but it does make me happy to see some of the old stuff I remember posting up getting comments every now and then.

Now if you don't mind I'm gonna take my walker and go to a Luby's.
12/14/12 07:06PM
My first memories of venturing into the HS fandom are kind of a blur… I just about stayed up 72 hours between reaching Act 3 and catching up around Scratchstuck. I definitely started poking around the wiki and forums soon after reaching Act 5 (needed some cross-reference to keep all the trolls straight, plus to catch up on some plot stuff I was not in the condition to figure out on my own).

I think I had found Skaianet under two weeks of starting reading Homestuck. A link from someone's MSPAF sig seems the most plausible maybe? Did an archive binge on that, too, which was not too bad since there only were about 5K images on by that point.

I then was a lurker for a while. Then was an anon for a while. After anons started getting a seriously bad name circa August I registered, managed to grab #400. Still didn't post any pics until October or so.

Some ways into Act 6 I realized the tag system was in really bad shape and started fine-tuning that. This lead to artist dumps (Laz was one of the first — yeah, not even she had a tag by then), which lead to a gradual rise to one of the more active uploaders too.

(and now for a little booru hiatus on account of finals)
12/14/12 08:15PM
Good luck, Tropy! I know it's been a heck of a semester for me...
12/15/12 07:01AM
That just gave me an excellent idea for a fun new thread.
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