11/27/12 07:55AM
Parent and Child Posts
Alrighty, I asked this previously, but apparently it got deleted.

We need a reference as to how to make parent-child posts. There are a lot of comics here that are related to each other and it would make a lot of sense to have them all be tied together so we don't have to go digging through the booru to find them all. So, for the second time, can somebody please explain how this is done and let's leave it here so people have this post as a reference?


EDIT: Okay, I figured out A WAY. Now I'm a rookie at this so chances are I'm being an ignorant dolt but that's what it is. How parents work is in the edit portion of the new tags there is a box that is intended for "parent posts" so you just need to put the post of the first picture into each and every one of those boxes and they will all link back to the first one, which in turn links out to all the images in the pool.

The problem I'm having with doing it this way is that it will order the images numerically based on their position in the booru and not sequentially which is what you'd want for a comic. Is there a way to adjust it so that the first pic goes up first and each of the other pages gets set sequentially? This would be a big help.
11/28/12 04:49AM
So far the only solution I find is that in the future, you upload the last page first and then go backward. After that, set up the parent as the first page like you usually do.
11/28/12 09:44AM
If there's more than three or four pages just make a new pool.

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