12/23/12 06:41AM
I can't believe I didn't expect some sort of Hobbit connection to show up about now.

Timeghoul said:
Pie said:

HIC's killed a few more people than Gamzee has.

They did both play their parts in the death of a universe. And HIC has had more time to ferment than sober Gamzee has, I'm fairly certain if Gamzee was given such a long rule, he'd do the same.

This may be more relevant to the specific comment than the conversation it was a part of, but I thought I'd add something: We don't really need to speculate what Gamzee would do, because we already have an example of what role he would have probably played in the form of the Grand Highblood.
12/23/12 11:56AM
Grrrr, another bunch of updates with auto responder... Hell, how I hate this lil' shit. It's like probably the only thing I'd delete in Homestuck.
12/23/12 12:57PM
Pietrek said:
Grrrr, another bunch of updates with auto responder... Hell, how I hate this lil' shit. It's like probably the only thing I'd delete in Homestuck.

Well Lil Hal is obviously important to Dirk's personal arc of being a Heart player and the multiple selves. It wouldn't makes sense to just up and delete it.

And now apparently Hal has made an autoresponder of himself. I'm sort of glad lil Hal is back in the story again. His whole thing is legitimately creepy, with it's connection to Space Odyssey. I wonder how it'll play out since Dave might be important.

"Hard as a diamond golem's priceless erection" (I fucking LOL'd, and Roxy baby it's official. I love you.)
12/23/12 01:03PM
While I'm interested in Lil Hal, I hope that he didn't take the place of Equius.
12/23/12 09:19PM
^A supercomputer auto-responder living in a pair of sunglasses replace a troll with sweat and caste-obsession problems whose most salient characteristic is the only fully-functional moiraillegiance in the comic? That doesn't make any sense. If Equius disappears from the comic, it's going to be because Hussie's done with him, not because he's replaced.
12/24/12 05:33AM
I'm just thinking it because Dirk's sprite wasn't shown at the same time as the other two, which makes me think the circumstances behind its creation are going to be different.
12/25/12 02:09PM
And here it is, Equiusprite. However only thing he's done yet is saying "Hello". Wow, he's just been prototyped. Gamzee - thanks for not jumping into kernelsprite. That'd be stupid. Also better come back to lil Hal. I had hope. For 2 pages I had hope that Dirk will destroy him, after(I have to admit) really emotional conversation. I think he would make revenge on Dirk somehow so it's actually good that Dirk didn't destroy him. But also... I'm afraid it'll turn against Dirk(what am I saying, whole team!) anyway.
12/25/12 05:11PM
On the plus side Dirk gained +2 non-douchey personality. I am impressed, but time will only tell if this is the beginning of his steps out of that jackass persona he's so mired in.
12/25/12 05:12PM
That conversation with Dirk was AMAZING, and very sad. 1)Heart Player exposition 2)Dirk character development (ilu bby) 3)I am conflicted about Lil Hal now. He's right. He IS Dirk.

and Equiusprite..

(jsb;fbisdfbpwibeg dfsbdips AEFBIBFIAVIFAIFAF!?!?


is literally the greatest christmas present ever. There's no dual prototyping to alter his personality into something different. EQUIUS IS LITERALLY BACK. WITH SPRITE POWERS. /dies

12/25/12 05:36PM
Fantastic present. Much-needed conversation between Dirk and Hal, and THE LONG-AWAITED EQUIUSPRITE.

I wonder if Hal still wants to be prototyped. Probably not, which is just as well by me!!
12/25/12 05:37PM
^But wouldn't sprites need to be or allowed a second prototyping? Dirk's sprite was prototype once. That said it's cool the Equius is back in some way.

And yeah, that Dirk+Lil Hal pesterlog was great.
12/25/12 06:18PM
Dunno, could be 1 prototyping allowed pre-entry, 1 allowed post-entry.

And yeah this is some pretty touching development for Dirk. Hal too, mind you.
12/25/12 06:30PM
D -->: Hello
12/25/12 06:35PM
I'm sorry but I love Dirk Strider.

The boy is flawed as hell. And I love him. ._ .

/slides away
12/25/12 07:19PM
Gamzee you motherfucker.
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