12/15/12 01:50AM
I appear to be done. All the icons are reseated and should load properly. Every ship tag on MSPAbooru should be linked now, save for a couple that are still up in the air. If there are any out in the wild that haven't gotten recognition yet, let me know?
12/15/12 02:12AM
nobooks said:
Also for Erikar, they were gossip buddies, that was a thing. Perhaps something can be made from that.

As soon as I read that, I thought, "Blather buddies!" and for a second I was really excited. It sounded like such a natural ship name. It was perfect.

...Then I realized I was just thinking of the Bladder Buddy.
12/15/12 02:21AM
Beelzebibble said:
...Then I realized I was just thinking of the Bladder Buddy.

Thank you for showing me that. Now I can't unsee it. :(
12/15/12 04:38AM
Fashion Bee's missing it's link.

e: Doomed_hearts for Dirk/Sollux is now a thing by the way. Lemon_lime for Sollux/Nepeta is also now a thing.
12/15/12 04:39AM
Blabber buddy would definitely be
Aranea x Kankri
12/17/12 03:20AM
Can I tag Rufioh/Damara as Bang-a-ram? I saw that a while ago in another forum and thought it was hilarious.
12/17/12 03:26AM
Hahahaha do it.

Maybe just "bangaram" instead of "bang_a_ram" though. Or... I dunno, which do people prefer?
12/17/12 03:32AM
bangaram, the underscores look ugly. /fussy
12/17/12 03:51AM
Bangaram might make people miss the joke though.
12/17/12 03:57AM
I'd say go with dashes. bang-a-ram
12/17/12 04:05AM
^ Yeah, let's go with this, the dashes look a million times better than the underscores. (Not to mention that underscores get removed in the tags list and would make the tag look weird)
12/17/12 04:18AM
Remember underscores = spaces and yeah "bang a ram" sounds less like a Hook reference and more like an invite to bestiality >_>
12/17/12 04:19AM
Tag names can have hyphens? That's cool, I didn't know that.
12/17/12 05:09AM
Will do first thing tomorrow. Feel free to do my work for me though :P
12/17/12 01:56PM
Equius/Sollux = Double Reignbow?/Trojan Virus?/Hardware Software
Vriska/Nepeta = Schroedinger's Ship
Eridan/Karkat = Sickleback
I humbly request that Seaweed replaces Grapes of Wrath for Eridan/Gamzee.
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