12/07/12 06:15AM
Cleaned out Artists
With the advent of artist tags it's become easier than ever to see what talent we're missing here on the board. This topic is for artist's whose portfolios have been completely posted by you. Please do not claim an artist to be finished unless you have finished them! Don't pick out all the images of characters you like and then call the artist complete*

The goal is to have some sort of sense of completion. It's been my goal for a while now to have every applicable and allowed image on this board (with no real belief of that happening, but goals keep you working) and artist dumps are the single easiest way to aim for that.

The list is divided into my image dumps (being rather plentiful enough to garner a section plus I'm self-centered and in charge of the list) and everyone else. I am keeping track of the dates so that we have a benchmark as to where we left off with that artists artwork at the time.

Try to aim for varied artists, range and variety are the best. Post someone or something you might not otherwise post, I've found this is also a really great way to broaden uploading horizons along with everything else. (Do keep in mind blacklisted artists and do not post warnings of course)

(*fantrolls and real sketchy pieces are up to the discretion of the image dumper. An artist will be allowed to be claimed as completely posted even if all these types of pictures haven't been posted)

The raw data has gotten pleasantly large, so you can view the full list here at my pastebin.

12/07/12 06:35AM
KingKaiser (1/8/13)
Vanripper (1/8/13)

edit:If we count cosplayers, then Amara (1/8/13) is finished too.
12/07/12 07:50AM
I admit, penkoon's a job I haven't quite finished. Still in progress. I dumped Soullux's art on here though.
12/07/12 09:37AM
Cleaned it up and added some artists, thanks guys.
12/07/12 05:01PM
Can I suggest alphabetization?

Anyway here's a list of artists I had completely tagged in Skaianet times (though there may be pics that were not posted… I don't think we need 100% completeness if it means uploading every last sketch someone's drawn):

12/07/12 05:15PM
A lot of complete art work from someone like Chouettechouette wasn't on here, I know I recently uploaded it. I agree with like sketches drawn on notebook paper, but their tag was far from complete (granted some stuff could have been in that couple thousand we did lose in the transfer) and this is for completely uploaded not just completely tagged artist links mostly. The thought process with artist dumps is mostly getting older work on the board and not just current art from artists.

I will however note those as completely tagged (as in what is on here) artists though. It's easier to dump and check for missing pictures by a mostly tagged artist so that's good to know.

Also k alphabetized for ease.
12/07/12 06:30PM

I would like to say escl-ert, but there's a lot of her sketches left and a whole nother tumblr, and it's going to take a while to sift through them.
12/14/12 02:59AM
ipoog is done. Crowry, hamletnoir and boosday are all a wip.
12/14/12 04:12AM
Thank you, thank you.
12/14/12 08:00AM
paperseverywhere is done.
12/14/12 08:23AM
Added, thank you. Keep up the good work.
12/20/12 07:36PM
Hamletnoir is done.
12/20/12 08:06PM
Added thank you.
12/21/12 01:57AM
Fastpuck is done.
12/21/12 04:33AM
Penkoon's also done.
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