12/15/12 07:04AM
You and MSPA
Similar to the "How did you find MSPABooru" thread, this is for discussing your history with the comic and fandom in general. How you found it, what you did/do, yadda yadda yadda.
12/15/12 07:19AM
I just heard about Homestuck around and decided to give it a read, I got really hooked on it by John: Take bite of apple (mainly because of the music, I'm a sucker for things with good music). Also, I instantly recognized Karkat when I first saw him in the Intermission.

I didn't read Problem Sleuth until a while later. I'm considering giving it a re-read (and re-reading HS too).
12/15/12 08:08AM
I read Problem Sleuth years ago. Didn't get around to reading Homestuck until later, I put it off since it was so long.
12/15/12 08:38AM
I've been following Hussie since about the 2nd act of Problem Sleuth. I was that crazy person who was all 'hey check out this user interactive comic'. I still have yet to read humanimals. It's really the only large project of his I've had nothing to do with.
12/15/12 09:05AM
Actually my first interaction with MSPA was an ex showing me SBAHJ comics on their phone and laughing uproariously about it while sitting in a diner in San Diego during Comic Con.

(I didn't get what was funny about it at all at the time)

I got into HS early 2011 (late bloomer) through the lovely fanart on Tumblr which is probably why I take this board and the collecting and preservation of all the wonderful art I can get my grubby hands on, probably too seriously.

I got caught up at Cascade actually, and am quite smitten with it now though certain times and certain people infuriate me now and again.

(I read PS after I got caught up with HS. I'm not a cool kid who can brag about being hip)
12/15/12 09:17AM
*Begins to type*
(I read PS after I got caught up with HS. I'm not a cool kid who can brag about being hip)

*Quietly skulks away*
12/15/12 09:26AM
Snuffleheim said:
*Begins to type*
(I read PS after I got caught up with HS. I'm not a cool kid who can brag about being hip)

*Quietly skulks away*

12/15/12 09:30AM
I really enjoyed the videos on the gazorra yt account, and then it got a site, jandrewedits, and clicking on Hussie's name in the credits section took me to MSPA. I read Problem Sleuth and then moved on to the old comics in the extras section, then Jailbreak and Bard Quest. I have reservations about starting ongoing series, since the last ongoing thing I was really into ended so disastrously, but I finally caved and began reading HS, and have little regrets in my decision thus far. I made no attempts to communicate with the rest of the fanbase until I did some bugtesting on the first Meenah walkaround, and then decided to help fix up these imageboards.
12/15/12 01:09PM
It was the fanart for me too. JohnKat fanart to be precise,

I was like "who are these horned people". I actually thought Karkat was a girl. (idk)

And I had zero problems getting into Homestuck/the first act whatsoever. HS was interesting because I had never seen anything like it before.

Caught up around the time the Alphas got introduced.
12/15/12 04:17PM
I actually read PS quite some time ago, before it ended, but only got into Homestuck recently. ( If recently counts as late 2010, I guess you could say that.)
12/16/12 02:42AM
I think I must've discovered MSPA in like 2010. I remember reading Problem Sleuth pretty quickly and thinking it was great, then I started reading Homestuck and thinking that was great too.

Then about partway through Act 4 or something I quit for a while. I can't remember why, except I just started putting it off. Eventually I decided to pick it back up and caught up in January 2011. The newest update when I caught up was Feferi's DEAD page. Which is hilarious because I'm a Pisces.

As soon as I caught up, I joined the MSPA Forums. Been active in the fandom in some way ever since.
12/16/12 05:14PM
What sowed the seed for me was at Otakon 11 and seeing the flood of troll cosplays and thinking 'this is a thing that a lot of people like, maybe I should check it'.

This thought goes on hold for maybe eight months until I started reading Homestuck in like February or March of this year. (Problem Sleuth was somewhere in there to get more background on the Huss's humor and whatnot)

I started readnig because I saw this flash <> on the f board of 4chan. When it clicked this was Homestuck I knew I had to read to where shit started going down like this.

On a slight tangent then I am proud to say I have traded 4chan for the much more pleasant company here at mspabooru :3
12/16/12 09:16PM
Back in the summer of 2010 I tried reading Bard's Quest and Jailbreak, but got really bored of them, and never finished. Then around early 2011, some of my friends started really talking about Homestuck (I believe they were caught up at the time. I asked them about it, and they mentioned it was on mspa. During Spring Break I decided to power through it, which took like three days straight for me to catch up. And since then, I've been hooked. Though, admittedly, I still havent really read PS, but I do plan to.
12/16/12 09:19PM
For what my opinion is worth, PS is really fun. It's got that Hussie wit and charm that carried over into HS with 105% less dead children. I'm kind of glad I read it while reading HS, it was like... summer break from all the dead things.
12/16/12 10:21PM
I discovered Homestuck through TVTropes. Despite being involved in some other fandoms, I had... never heard of Homestuck until I saw its TVTropes article. All I knew was it was about four kids who played a game, and it apparently got a bit darker than expected.

Read the story, got hooked, etc. My first update was John getting stabbed by Bec Noir.

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