12/16/12 10:50PM
^Hell of an update to come in on.
What led you to the TVTropes page?
12/17/12 10:03PM
Discovered Problem Sleuth through VG Cats, and have been reading Homestuck since it started.

As many times as I told myself I should quit, I never did.

I regret my entire life.
12/18/12 10:26PM
^Hey, I'm not the only one! Except for the regret part. I REGRET NOTHING.

I spent some time hanging around the forums (including a stint of story work for NepetaQuest—the game, not the fanventure) and pesterchum before joining skaia.
12/19/12 12:19AM
There was a poll about this on tumblr a while ago, I'll just c/p what I wrote there:

What caused you to start reading Homestuck?

Several incremental things. I first saw some fanart for Homestuck around late 2009, tho without paying any particular attention to it. Over 2010 I kept seeing minor MSPA mentions here and there on other webcomics. Eventually I read thru Problem Sleuth in November I think, and was amazed.

(Even a bit before that I had actually read the fanventure Alanna which I had seen recommended on a forum, but after heading to the MSPA main site from there, I made the mistake of starting from Jailbreak, thought it was a waste of time, and forgot all about it after that.)

After PS I made a very brief venture into HS Act 1, thought it was not all that exciting in comparision, and filed it for “maybe later”.

Around May 2011 I had started hanging on Bandcamp, and noticed that HS has several soundtrack albums for it? This was something quite remarkable which really got me interested. The actual last straw could have also been an enthusiastic direct recommendation from one journal comic I follow.

What was your initial reaction to Homestuck? Has that reaction changed over time?

Thursday night, up to about ⅔ into Act 2: Art’s a little on the crude side but all these flash animations are making up for it. Hard to say where all this is going.

Restarting Friday night: Well this is getting epic. I can tell there’s a real depth into the plot here.

Wee hours of Saturday: EOA3 was amazing, this comic rocks, I should stop buuuut I’m sure this intermission won’t be all that long…


Saturday & Sunday: rapidly consuming Acts 4-5 in a trance-like state of tiredness regularly punctuated by awe; frantically cross-comparing own notes with the MSPA wiki to stay up to speed on all the trolls

Early Monday morning, catching up at the beginning of Scratchstuck: Best. Archive binge. Ever.
12/19/12 10:03PM
I found and started reading Problem Sleuth around the formation of Demonhead Mobster Kingpin. I never left.
12/20/12 09:39AM
^That makes me think of pre-introduction Equius, when all we knew about him was that he just stood there... and watched.
03/02/13 03:52AM
Back in the day I used to read roleplay forum threads on Livejournal, and roughly around late hivebent/early 5-2 there started to be a handful of troll and kid rpers (plus one Jack Noir) popping up in the livejournal rp community. I was intrigued by the characters - meteors? videogames? card-suit based romance? bzuh what? - and that led me to start reading the comic.

Yea, I don't have the old school hussfan cred a lot of y'all have. I'm kind of jealous, would have been fun to participate in the fandom back when it was small.
03/02/13 04:39AM
Whoahey, we are in stickyland. How long has that been a thing without me noticing?
03/02/13 04:55AM
nobooks said:
Read the story, got hooked, etc. My first update was John getting stabbed by Bec Noir.

Funny you mentioned that, since that's exactly the page where I DISCOVERED MSPA ([S] JOHN: RISE UP was not up yet, though). It must have been against the rules of /r/comics to post it, but I discovered a link there to [S] John: Enter village.

I played it, and even though I had no idea what was going on, I thought it was interesting that a comic would incorporate a walkaround Flash game. I don't think I remember reading Vriska's chat at the beginning of the flash, and when I saw the pesterlogs in the pages after, I didn't bother reading them, thinking they were just extras like some other new readers do.

After I reached the page with John's supposed death (and especially when I saw the homepage afterward and had to take in the fact that he's the very first character in the comic), I didn't know what to do afterward: should I abandon this thing because the main character's death has ruined the comic, or should I start from the beginning and figure out how he gets here?

I tried to, but I quickly got bored with the first few pages. It wasn't until mid-March of 2011 (over 3 months after that update, I'm sure) that something (I can't remember what) led me back to Homestuck. Remembering my previous encounter, I decided that the urge to know the story of this kid named John and that cool-looking monstrosity with Kamina glasses who kills him was too overwhelming to simply dismiss the comic for its early acts.

Because of the circumstances of my encounter, it's no surprise that [S] JOHN: RISE UP is one of my personal favorite flashes; in fact, it's my personal favorite update or update sequence other than Cascade, [S] Seer: Descend (with [S] ==>, of course), and Aradia's End-of-Hivebent monologue (which I consider more compelling than any Flash).

I caught up shortly after Seer: Descend, just as AR was attempting to contact Dave. I've never looked back.
03/08/13 01:07AM
I got in thanks to TVTropes. Having read most other popular webcomics thanks to them, I came to HS not knowing what to expect and after putting it off for months. I'm ashamed to say that my first attempt only got me to the title page (the first one with music) before I gave up.

But I came back from sheer stubbornness, and, well, the rest is history.
06/29/13 11:57AM
There's something wrong with the comment count on peoples' pages. It says that individuals have made around 18,4 quintillion comments on images.

This is not correct.

Incidentally, how can you search on your own comments?
06/29/13 04:36PM
It might sound strange, but I actually found homestuck through a community based furry porn site. Someone had uploaded a bunch of homestuck flash animations, and I desperately needed to find out what context there was for them. However, because the only ones I watched before I decided I should stop potentially spoiling stuff were the sburb loading screen and WV: Rise Up, I took one look at Homestuck and said "There is no possible way this is the same story" and read Problem Slueth first. In fact, I read every single adventure on the website before I read Homestuck, because I was so certain that it could not possibly be the same story.
By the time I caught up, roughly three days after I first found the website because I binged so incredibly hard, Gamzee had just been introduced for the first time. So I guess I started reading just as the troll arc started. What followed was a hilarious ride along the story that involved incredible distress once characters started dieing, several powerful emotions, worry that maybe it was starting to go downhill, followed by one really good update proving that, no, it hadn't.
07/04/13 05:40AM
Heh, that does sound a little strange.
06/07/14 03:28AM
I found out through my friends. I had briefly heard about it, and then one of my closest internet friends managed to get into it. It wasn't until I saw some Midnight Crew-related posts that I checked it out (fun fact, I actually read the intermission before anything else...yeah...). I read through Problem Sleuth first, and then I started the main comic. It was around Christmas 2013 that I really took notice of it. I knew about it starting slow from friends, so I knew what to anticipate. And I ended up loving it and still do.
06/10/14 09:55PM
Eyy, what's with this "main comic" stuff? *leers*
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