11/14/12 12:40AM
Is there a quick way to edit a comment, or is the only way to replace something to delete it and start over? I'm adding a few quotes from sources to better contextualize some images, and the coding on some of them got messed up, with no way to just fix it there.
11/15/12 08:18AM
Hey Alaron we're having issues with the deleted thumbnails of permanently deleted images sticking on the board.
11/15/12 08:25AM
All the ones I've seen eventually went away, though in its place are the tags.
11/15/12 09:05AM
Yeah it seems the thumbs do eventually delete but the tag cloud is left in its place.
11/16/12 10:59PM
The tag index normally automatically updates whenever the thumbnails are deleted (that 5 minute interval I spoke about before)...Asking Slayerduck...
11/16/12 11:05PM
He fixed a bug, it's good now. This had been on the board for like four days so I figured I would ask someone.
11/16/12 11:07PM
Umm... Apperently it's nothing we can do about it atm... X_X

Seems to be a bug in the base booru software that's the same on all other boorus we run...I'll try to keep you updated if something regarding this manner changes.

Thumbnails should still delete each 5 minutes...

It's not much of an issue, it's not very obviously different...I guess we can do tag index rebuilding EVERY NOW AND AGAIN but it takes up a lot of resources and takes awhile to complete...

If it becomes a big issue we can do that but for now you should sort of put up with it, all boorus have to put up with it.
11/16/12 11:23PM
I uploaded a mihirahira picture, and when I came back an hour later it was gone. Can someone explain what happened there?
11/16/12 11:44PM
It got deleted because it was a dupe of the exact same size.

11/16/12 11:54PM
...Huh. Could have sworn it wasn't there when I checked the artist tag, but I guess I just overlooked it.
11/17/12 06:39AM
This may be a dumb question, but how do you add pictures to a pool? For example, I've just uploaded a John+Tav picture in their godtier hoods and I want to add that to the aspect pool.
11/17/12 07:15AM
Click on the pool, the number at the end of the url is the pool number.

Go to the picture you want to add and add in the tag pool:# with the corresponding number.
11/17/12 08:06AM
Thank you. Also are shipping pictures included in the aspect and class pools? Such as any davekat pictures would be in as class pool or johntav in the aspect pools or is there any specifics to that?
11/17/12 08:31AM
It's not my pool but I don't see why they wouldn't be.
I think they might need to be in godtier garb or something close to it but I'm not sure.
11/18/12 04:36PM
Is there a process for dealing with translations? I'd think it would be okay to just post the translation in the comments and remove the translation_needed tag--does that work?

Also, this might be a better question to ask in the tags thread but is it possible to get a "language:japanese" tag or something like that?

edit for phrasing
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