12/28/12 10:39PM
Let's Talk About Homestuck
This is a thread for talking about Homestuck*. Character musings, plot point discussions, theories and headcanons ect can all go here.

*This will be a talking thread for old news, and musings outside of current updates. You can of course talk about things you just didn't mention in the update thread pertaining to recent events like speculation and feels.

Update threads will still be in use for immediate reaction and speculation to comic updates in real time.

I just thought a general jawing thread about the story as a whole could have some use.

Also no flaming or being instigate-y. Thank.
12/28/12 10:53PM
Welp, I'll start off by posting a headcanon of mine; Gamzee sounds a hell of lot like Danny Elfman. Because of Dead Man's Party and No One Lives Forever, ya know? Or maybe Steve Buscemi, just because of how creepy he is.

Another headcanon of mine would be that post-scratch agents of Derse (Including Condy, of course) have a band similar to the B-52's.

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