03/28/13 08:46PM
That's what I assumed, but even though I created the pool it wasn't my idea, I did it on behalf of somebody. 'Fraid I forget who, now -- seems we didn't discuss it here but in the tag thread.
03/29/13 04:20AM
I was the one who suggested it. It's just for pictures of Nepeta, dressed normally except minus her green coat is all. Does that help clear it up?
03/29/13 08:53AM
All of the cover art is now in the "Flash, Video, and Muzzik" pool. Because they are totally music. Also makes finding songs pretty easy if you know the album art that it's paired with. :3c

03/29/13 06:12PM
honeycomet said:
I was the one who suggested it. It's just for pictures of Nepeta, dressed normally except minus her green coat is all. Does that help clear it up?

Yep, clears it up perfectly, thank you.
04/15/13 05:15AM
I'm thinking about making a YEAR FOUR MEGAPAUSE MADNESS pool to collect all the bonkers stuff that's undoubtedly going to come out in the next few months; would anyone else be on board with that? I figure it could be useful in a time capsule sort of way to look back on after it's all over.
04/15/13 01:30PM
Good idea.
04/19/13 01:40AM
Created a new pool, this time for the "Ask Davechick" ask blog(#138).
04/19/13 06:04PM
Okay time for "Beelz pushes another probably unpopular idea, reveals too much about his personal tagging ideology, alienates others":

I noticed there's a band-aid and bandages pool, courtesy of nobooks.

And it's doing well for itself with north of eighty entries. But with all respect to nobooks, I think "bandage" could just as easily be a tag. It's a perfectly concrete, specific visual signifier, neither as amorphous and concept-heavy as e.g. "Weddings" nor as subjective as e.g. the Dat pools (as dem pools?).

In general I prefer tags over pools where possible because it's easier to remember a tag than a numeric pool ID, but the reason I'm specifically pushing in this case is because a "bandage" tag would mean we could effectively retire "injured_davesprite". All such images -- which are already tagged "davesprite", anyway -- would only need the addition of "bandage" and they'd be perfectly easy to search for. And retiring "injured_davesprite" would mean one less "x_charactername" tag, which I've probably said more than enough times already is a tag formula I don't really like except as a last resort, since it's so restrictive when the character's name is already going to be tagged, anyway. Sometimes, as with "seeing_terezi", it's pretty much inevitable; other times, as with "eyepatch_sollux", it definitely wasn't. (I could talk about how "dead_aradia" has been bugging me recently, but that's for another huge post. It has nothing to do with "dream_ghost".)

In essence, we'd be trading one tag which can only apply to a single B-list character for a new tag which could apply to any character and would free us of the need for the bandages pool, while the idea behind the original tag (injured Davesprite) would remain as searchable as ever. To my view, that's a substantial trade up, enough to make this worthwhile. And I'll do all the work if people agree that this is a good idea.

So what do you think? Retire "injured_davesprite" and the bandages pool, and consolidate them into "bandage"?
04/19/13 06:49PM
I've seen a couple images of Davesprite with the signature bandages but no actual injury, so I can see good reason to collapse the tag. It also helps with Rule 63 Davesprites, which also tend to have the bandages but no injuries.
04/19/13 07:05PM
Good point, I didn't think of that. Thanks.
04/20/13 12:12AM
New pool is a comic. "Damage Control" by Skully.
05/02/13 03:53PM
Bumping the "bandage" point. No one has any objection if I go through with this?
05/02/13 05:37PM
I rather not have the "injured_davesprite" tag nixed.
05/02/13 06:24PM
Can you say more?
05/03/13 12:16AM
Maybe it should be changed to "bandages"? Mainly because a) most pictures of bandaged people have more than one bandage of course, and b) to help not confuse it with the similar tag "bondage" which is an entirely different thing.

Otherwise I have no objections.
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