01/05/13 03:04PM
Stuff that still needs doing
Hi y'all! So I hope that you've had a great start to the New Year (I know I have).

Things have been going great here too, I think. But I have definitely noticed a few things that could be done to make this place even greater. Hopefully I'm not overstepping my boundaries here, Pie, but I thought I'd go ahead and let people know what still needs doing (hence the title of this little thing).

#1 Missing Artists Tags
- I rather like that we've been starting to give them all their own tag because that makes seeing other art from the same artist that much easier. Unfortunately, a lot of the artists are still missing their artist tags. A real easy way to fix this is to simply edit and type "artist:" before C+Ping their artist name.

#2 Source needed and broken sources
- A lot of art has also still lacks sources (I have a count of 4,544 pics). While some of these will NEVER be sourced for one reason or another, quite a few of them still are able to do so. BUT ALSO some artists that were previously sourced have pulled out their art, making the links that we do have broken sources. This means that even though we may have the link they need to be checked for broken-ness.

#3 Missing/Incorrect Tags
- This is not a dig against the moderators or anything, but there is also a ton of pics that are missing tags or need them. This is mostly due to volume. Getting through all the art on this board is a daunting task... add to that the sloppy tagging that we inhereted from skaianet.

#4 Picture Uploading
- I'm not sure if it's the season, but I get the feeling that there were less people uploading pictures than there have been? There's been a LOT of good art that has fallen through the cracks. I know I haven't been on the ball as I used to, so this is not really an admonition (actually none of this post is meant that way!) and really an intent to encourage people to do more.

#5 Commenting
- As always, we can always use more people commenting on arts! ANY art. Old stuff, new stuff. Anything you like it's all good!

So, what I have been doing to contribute to this is I've been hitting the "random" button and making sure that all the artist tags/general tags/sources and what have you are there and correct. Once I see that is the case I click the random button again and off I go. And if while I work on that I find a picture I am particularly enamored with, I've decided to comment on it to let everyone know. This way, I make sure that all of the art gets some exposure. The problem is I'm a finite person. Even if I get to work on this for a few hours each day there is almost 80,000 pictures on this site! So, the more people we have to do this the easier and more sure that everything gets whipped to shape.
01/06/13 12:06AM
I always make sure to comment bump things I come across while tagging from back to front. There is a lot of great stuff on this site

(the random button is a great tool to use as well like Nyre is saying).

I cannot stress enough the importance of varied uploaders on this site though. I try to be diverse but one person will never be as varied as ten or twenty or so on. I want lots of stuff on here, I want everything on here, but yeah. It's fun guys!

Everything Nyre has posted here are highly appreciated ways you can help clean up. I know it's gonna take a while but many hands make any load light.

I'll continue to work on tagging, I know I've been slacking on this pretty fierce. It's a really hard juggling act but I'll continue to try my best and hope you all can help too!

Thanks Nyre.
01/06/13 03:28AM
The random function is a good idea! It's funner to not know what you're getting, unlike browsing through all those thumbnails. :3

I've been slacking on uploading a lot lately, and I apologize for that. u _ u

But! I will tell you that I plan on dumping my entire backlog before the month is over. There! Now it's in writing, publicly, and everyone can call me out on it. :o

Thanks for summing these points up. It's comforting to know we have users that care this much. :3
01/06/13 04:00AM
I'm doing the method of "random" and going over the tags as well.

Also, there is an "artist_needed" tag out there, in case you didn't know.

e: also apparently there's an "actual_source_needed" tag too
01/06/13 06:18PM
Also just throwing out here, you do not need to be a moderator to assist with any of these things. These are all helpful things anyone with an account can do.
01/11/13 04:10AM
#1-#3 can all be considered a part of Project Tagme, really. If you haven't seen yet, I've been sketching plans on how to best do this systematically around "to do" thread. (Tl;dr: going around with "random" is the worst way to be tagging if we want to ensure completeness.)

#4 is true as well, but they've not necessarily been falling thru cracks… I've a backlog of 200+ pics awaiting posting, including a huge bundle of dancestors from two intermissions ago.
01/11/13 04:23AM
There's always stuff falling through the crack.

Wish there wasn't, but there always is. QQ

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