01/25/13 09:59PM
I've seen it enforced reasonably in the past, the reason we don't have one to point to for where to draw the line at is because the images were deleted fairly quickly without protest. Back when I did a Kingkaiser dump, there was one I uploaded that violated the rule, though I didn't notice until it was mentioned in the comments. I agreed that it was too much, and it was gone in the same afternoon.

edit: also since I dont think anything mentioned so far deserves to be deleted, I think that I should make a tag for stuff like this called "questionable_exposure" or something along those lines for blacklisting purposes. It was mentioned in the comments section of the image that started this thread, and it sounds like a reasonable idea to me.
01/25/13 10:32PM
I would think our nsfw rule would mean we don't post porn? Like. What we have now. is questionable yeah, but. It's not like we have porn on the booru. That is absolutely banned content, and there is a lot of HS porn. A lot.

If we got rid of the nsfw rule, that would mean the booru would be posting porn. Which. We haven't. And I don't see that happening in the foreseeable future?

You honestly think the questionable content rating is at the 'opposite extreme' right now? Man take a look at safebooru's questionable content rating: http://safebooru.org/index.php?p...ags=rating%3aquestionable
01/25/13 10:34PM
And yeah, we can't really point out any images that fit the rule because they tend to get deleted. I know I've posted some really sketchy stuff accidentally, but I then deleted it right away.
01/26/13 02:07AM
I think we ought to adopt the standards for classifying pornography set forth by the Supreme Court of the United States in the 1964 case Jacobellis v. Ohio.

01/27/13 09:53PM
So I am left with nothing more than I had before. If we cannot give an objective (as opposed to subjective) limit for this rule, then we have to do something to prevent uproars like this every other time something comes up. So perhaps, in future, if someone comments that they're not comfortable with the sfw status of a pic, let the mods decide what to do about it and leave it at that. Don't rush to support or defend the picture, just move on.

On a side note (meaning that I'm genuinely curious as opposed to arguing a point) why does anyone care about this specific picture? I read a lot of arguments based on precedent and the rule itself (which is good, because that's what this was supposed to be about), but they were all geared at making sure this thing stayed. :?
01/27/13 11:06PM
Probably because it's part of a popular (on tumblr, lots of notes), creative, not porny in any stretch of the imagination series of pictures and months and months maybe even years from now someone looking at the series on this board (whose main function in my eyes is a time capsule of sorts encapsulating all parts of the fandom, not just certain parts) and noticing one randomly missing, maybe with the source link broken by that point never to be found again, would be saddened by that.

That and people don't think a quarter of a nip is a big deal I guess.

Not to mention there's probably quite a lot of really nice again not-porn art that does veer on the more questionable side only under our rather tight old thinking, that probably isn't getting uploaded, and therefore preserved, due to people being nervous to, or it not being allowed under our current way of thinking. The more restrictive our guidelines on not explicit material, the less that can be saved here. Maybe people don't really want to go down that slippery slope?
01/28/13 08:30PM
Oh, no, I get the reasons for that side of the argument in general, but I didn't know that this specifically was a part of a set. That answers my question.
01/28/13 09:36PM
Yeah it is, so one missing would kinda be a sad thing. I do think that's what makes this particular one kind of different. It would be missed.
01/28/13 11:40PM
Exactly. I made a pool for them, you should check it out, Snuffleheim. It has one of the better examples of the "haha Eridan's dead" joke by being self aware and giving him a look of disappointment.

01/29/13 01:15AM
Well, that does explain that.
02/02/13 08:47PM
One quick question, would it be okay to upload this image:

It's nudity, but it is barbie-doll nudity and in an artistic nature?
02/02/13 09:24PM
I would think it's ok. We've uploaded similar. She's also a sprite, which kind of helps that case.

Just mark it questionable and do it.
02/02/13 10:53PM
No that's supposed to be Jade in all her dogtier glory minus clothing, not Jadesprite.
02/03/13 12:36AM

Well, it's not pornographic at all, really. I'd be cool with you posting it. It's a nice picture.
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