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"The Moment"
It's been a while since we had a silly question that is not especially related to the booru.

What was the moment in the Homestuck comic that really caught your attention and made you take notice?

Related, but may not be the same question: what was the moment in Homestuck that made you realize you were going to see it through to the end of the comic?

Bonus points if you find a booru pic for your answer. ;3
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01/27/13 09:41AM
WV: Ascend.

That moment, HS became my favorite and so did the exiles. :3
01/27/13 09:48AM
First question, "what caught my attention:"


My immediate thought was "...whoa, okay. The game can effect REALITY. o.O;"

Second thought: "No good can come of this."

By then it was pretty much a whirlwind of getting myself deeper. The point that really hooked me until the end was. And then the moment that hooked me forever:

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Aww yeeah.
01/27/13 10:50AM
-For the first question, I think it was probably "Dave: Answer." There was some pretty amusing stuff in the series beforehand, but that was where I finally found Homestuck to be just as funny as the jandrew Star Trek/Alf edits and his old pre-mspa comics. The only other Dave conversations I have felt that rivaled it in humor were Tavros' attempted rebuttal and his conversation with Equius.

Despite all of the Dave and Tavros pics that get uploaded to this site, I can't think of one I really like off the top of my head that's related to that conversation. I do like to imagine Tavros looked something like this when he initiated the conversation though:
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-For the second question, [S] Begin intermission 2. Like I said before, not only has it been my favorite part of the comic thus far, I was both genuinely and pleasantly surprised by it (especially LE's design), which hadn't happened for me in the comic since "horrorstuck" began. It showed me that Hussie had not completely run out of concepts/story directions which interested me like I was beginning to fear, and I am extremely pleased with how he followed up on it by introducing the Cherub race.
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01/27/13 01:26PM
MisterSolitaire said:
[S] WV:Ascend

SirenDucks said:
WV: Ascend.

Yep, what they said.
01/27/13 08:57PM
There wasn't one for me. I started with Problem Sleuth, and the pacing was such that I went from "Heh" to "NEED MOAR" without really noticing. By the time Homestuck rolled around, I was already paying keen attention to every page, making sure I didn't miss anything that might pop up unexpectedly later.

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