01/29/13 08:34AM
Headcanon Voices
Link, hear, and debate.
01/29/13 09:38AM

I don't really have headcanon voices, but this works for me.
01/29/13 09:56AM
A few videos from Rokkerfox999:


With commentary o/
Kanaya -- I like the intonation, could be higher-pitched
Sollux -- There's better ones out there
Gamzee -- To this day I haven't found a Gamzee VA that works, this is the best so far
John -- This is now my headcanon
Spades Slick -- It's okay, I feel like there's a better one
WV & Lil' Cal -- No comment
Grandpa Harley -- I didn't think this but def yes.
Diamonds Droog -- Mmmmaybe it's HADES though.
Lord English -- Good lord this is my headcanon.
Eridan -- Good theme for him?
Feferi -- I can see where people might make this association, but it's not energetic enough for me.
Aradia -- Unsure how I feel about this
Nepeta -- Too high and squeaky.
Terezi -- I have trouble finding a good VA for Terezi too...
Vriska -- A lot of people give this to Marceline. It's a better VA, but I still feel like it's missing something?
Equius -- Headcanon.
Karkat -- I have trouble finding a really "spot on" Karkat. This is the best one so far.

And also:


Bro -- Works! I think there's better out there, though.
Hearts Boxcars -- I couldn't get over the accent.
Rose -- Headcaon'd!
Jake -- Eh... it's too low! Anybody got anything better?
Nannasprite -- A++ eheheh
The Handmaid -- Good, but I think there's better again.
Darkleer -- I can see this.
Psiioniic -- I can't see this.
Dualscar -- CLOSE, but he needs a sound of geeking-out, breaking his cool exterior.
HIC -- Not even close. Though I like the echoic effect.
Snowman -- I see where they're going with the style, but the voice just grates.
The Summoner -- Headcanon
Mindfang -- Also headcanon
Tavros -- Ehh, no. Not even close.
Dave -- The best Dave I've heard so far, and I'm not satisfied with it still.

Aaand for Doc Scratch, my headcanon and you can never get me to change. Ever.

01/29/13 09:59AM
Also that's a good VA for Tavros, Pie. Best one so far. :3
01/29/13 10:36AM
I'd prefer something that plays with the white text gimmick a little more for Scratch, but the acting in that vid is SPOT on.
01/29/13 11:01AM
How would that work for voices, though?
01/29/13 04:11PM
Gilbert Gottfried as everyone
01/29/13 07:13PM
For Eridan, I found a bunch of VA work done by a guy named Fievreux... Thing is, I don't think he's doing anymore.

Eridan: http://tindeck.com/users/Fievreux

Most of my other headcanons are influenced by the 413VoiceActors

[S]Past Karkat: Wake Up. - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLsKEZzfeS8
01/29/13 08:21PM
Nyre said:
How would that work for voices, though?

That's the big question, innit? Maybe something fooling around with white noise? Although that might remove the benefit of acting...
01/30/13 11:36AM
I really liked the Teen Titans Tavros and the Hungarian Cave of Wonders LE (that throaty tone is wonderful).

Another I like for Lord English - (6:55 to 7:13)
01/30/13 10:49PM
Rohandrius: In the Past Karkat walkaround, all of those voices are close to what I hear, but there are a few things that sort of make me go "ehh" in all of them.

Except Terezi, that's pretty freaking close to my headcanon.

I'm not sure about that LE Timeghoul, though. :O
05/09/17 11:27AM
My headcanon voice for Clover is that he could have an adorable high-pitched Irish accent. That would be cute. Any Felt voice ideas?

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