02/11/13 12:07AM
Is there a way to make it so that one cranky viewer that doesn't like a particular pairing/ship/whatever can down-vote something and blacklist an image?
02/11/13 12:17AM
Don't downvote if it's a specific ship or character. That pretty much ruins it for everyone else.

I'll just put how to blacklist here as clear as I possibly can.

Sign Up. - > My Account (upper left corner) - > Options (very bottom) - > Insert Tags in the Blacklist Box at the Very Top - > Save

No one else has to know and no one has to be upset.
02/11/13 12:45AM
Yes, I know that, but the question is if it gets negative votes, the image automatically gets "Blacklisted" status and is then no longer viewable -- even if it's just one. This makes a personal dislike into a community problem, since one person disagreeing quickly can make all of us unable to view an image.
02/11/13 04:17AM
To fix that you can adjust your comment threshold under the Options tab, which is automatically set to zero. I have mine set to -1000. This keeps stuff from disappearing when people refuse to blacklist.

This is why I highly discourage petty downvoting.
02/11/13 04:44AM
Got it, thanks, Pie.
02/11/13 04:51AM
Well, you can actually also re-view an unviewable image by clicking a little "[no. of unviewable posts] hidden" button in the down-right corner. Though it's not very noticeable.

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