05/02/13 07:39PM
General Advice thread
I'd like this to be a general place were anyone can share some advice, or a little tid-bit or two, or just things you find that make being on here a little easier. It doesn't have to be anything remarkable either, just something you think others would like to know.
And with that, I'd like to star off with something myself.

Now, all of us know that comments on this board require three words long to be considered a comment, and anyone wanting to make a short comment have to resort *Keystrokes*. I might just be me but, I find having to type*Keystrokes* a nuisance to have to type, and just awkward to see in a comment. But here's the thing,"words" can be anything as long as there's a space before or after it, so punctuation works just as well.
Example. Say you want to comment an awesome pic with a 'Hell yeah' or something. Instead of typing *Keystrokes* you can just place a space after the 'yeah' and put an explanation point after that space. Already that looks 100 times better, and takes no time at all to do.
Anyway, for me its just a personal thing, but I find it better then typing "Keystrokes"
Again, any advice you'd like to give to anyone, I'd like this to be the place for that.
05/02/13 09:08PM
Let me be the first to remind people to not feed trolls. Just ignore 'em and we'll all be happier (well, not the trolls, but who cares about them). Not that that's such a big problem yet.

As far as the keystrokes thing goes, I don't mind seeing it if it's used creatively. Otherwise, yeah, creative use of the spacebar is your friend. And this is just a personal thing, but I really hate seeing ", , ," at the bottom of a post. It's just ugly.
05/02/13 10:19PM
I have a lot of typing to do around here so I probably will have to have ugly posts (though I do also sometimes utilize spaces, maybe I'll just stick to that). I usually try to babble enough to get past the spam filter though.

A friendly piece of advice on my end would be to realize that if a completely wrong tag is on an image, or a completely wrong picture is in a pool it shouldn't be it is most likely nothing more than a misfire and you are doing the board much more of a service by helping out and just correcting it then pointing it out and not doing anything about it. I know fixing other people's mistakes isn't something you /have/ to do, but it sure is nice and helpful and I know we're all nice and helpful people here.
05/03/13 02:43AM
Seeing this thread, I going to basically re-post what I said on how to get certain larger image sizes as briefly mentioned here in post #73226.

Say you see an image on a tumblr that you want to upload here, but the image you see seem to be suspectly small(it is 400px or 500px instead of the large 1280px). You can check the true max size(assuming that you can not click on the image itself to get the higher resolution version) by opening the image in a new tab and checking the numbers at the end of the its url. Say if the image's address has a 500 at the end, type 1280 in place of that 500 to double check if there is a larger version of that image. If you get an error page then 500 pixels is the max size of that picture.

Snuffleheim said:
And this is just a personal thing, but I really hate seeing ", , ," at the bottom of a post. It's just ugly.

I need to say something since I mostly do this. Is it really that bothersome? Would be okay with wordwordswords, , ,?
05/03/13 03:34AM
It really not that much of a problem to me, I just think its quicker to use punctuation instead
05/03/13 05:36AM
Well, I'd say try with the spacing if possible and you want it to be innocuous. But if you really want to use an extra line with punctuation, try varying it, maybe? . , . looks kind of like a smiley to me, which I find amusing. But if you want to avoid being cute about it and just want to quietly fool the word counter, periods are less attention getting than commas.

...and I got through the whole post without actually answering the question. I don't really know. I think it's the commas that bug me for some reason. Putting words in front of them doesn't really change that I don't think, unless there's a word for each comma, which kind of defeats the purpose, I guess.

Again, this is mostly just personal preference here. Some people might have other opinions.
05/03/13 07:38AM
They've never bugged me, though missing out on people's humorous irked rants about the spam filter and keystrokes is a pity.
05/03/13 08:41AM
^Yeah, I love those.
05/03/13 07:41PM
In case anyone hasn't noticed, you can now use negative searches, ie. browse for all the stuff except some given bunch of tags. Handier than temp-blacklisting tags.

Also, click "»" in the topbar for general help on how to e.g. filter by upvotes.
05/03/13 08:51PM
I don't understand what's new about negative searches.

Oh, could you not search "-caliborn" by itself before? Did you have to enter a positive search term as well as a negative one? I never tried searching without a positive term.
05/03/13 09:35PM
"Now" as in "not on Skaianet".
06/18/13 05:51PM
I only just realized that you can write e.g. "pool:undergarments" instead of having to look it up and write "pool:53" (the my tags feature is also handy here, but you can't add every pool that way). So that's why the site changes spaces to underscores in pool names!

Plus, if an artist doesn't have any pictures tagged on the booru yet, you can write "artist:blahblah" instead of just tagging "blahblah" and then having to go to the tags list and switch it to an artist tag. I wish I'd known that about six months sooner.
10/11/16 10:20PM
"Moved Source" Tag?
As I have been browsing fanart on the board, I have often come across links to an artist's Tumblr that are broken or have been deleted (usually because the artist has moved to a different Tumblr). In that case, is there a "moved source" tag that I can apply to such art, or would it just be good to put tags like "broken_source" or "deleted_source" to signify this? Thanks for the help.
10/19/16 10:47PM
We usually go with broken_source because it is not always a guarantee that they moved, just that "we had it sourced originally so they can't fault us for not doing so". Some artists want to take down their old work, but we'd have a record of where we found it.
10/26/17 09:05PM
Zamii070 Tumblr Relocation
So I'm not sure how many of you are aware of this, but zamii070 has moved her tumblr to a new URL (zamiiz.tumblr.com). This means that the links to pretty much all of her older artwork are either outdated or have been deleted. Should they be tagged as "broken" or "deleted" sources?

Also, not sure where to look when searching for older artwork, but you could try checking her new tumblr's archive.
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