09/03/13 08:04AM
Best spidertroll is the livest one once again.
09/03/13 08:04AM
Aranea is like Gamzee 2.0; a joke character that became a serious threat in the blink of an eye (or if not "threat" in Aranea's case, at least something really unexpected). I can dig it, but again, it's already been done with Gamzee. Now that my initial shock is over I dunno how I feel about it.
09/03/13 08:08AM
Nah - there were hints all along. Aranea becoming more open to her piratical alt-self's ideals, a growing amoral pragmatism, her pirate costume...

We have to remember that - in another life - that bookish exposition fountain was the deadliest swashbuckler to ever sail the seas.
09/03/13 08:11AM
Oh I know, there were hints about Gamzee too, I meant more along the lines of their turn being so sudden.
09/03/13 09:50AM
Yes, that is exactly what we need.

Another Serket breaking heads.

This will end oh so very well.
09/03/13 10:46AM
I wonder which Peixes is calling her. Hmmm...
09/03/13 10:54AM
Chocoboo said:
I wonder which Peixes is calling her. Hmmm...
Do you think it is possible that she's working with HIC?
09/03/13 11:14AM
Maybe working for her own interests...

Though it's possible that it is Meenah somehow and Aranea actually feels disdain towards her.
09/03/13 02:22PM
No, I think that is Meenah and she's irritated that she's being bothered NOW of all times.

But this, my friends, is how a joke character becomes a lethal joke character. :3
09/03/13 03:10PM
Suddenly Aranea is interesting and I retract all former complaints about her.
09/03/13 05:16PM
Wow just realized that's her

Also hoping Aranea doesn't go start killing everyone or assisting English...
09/03/13 07:31PM
Oh so that's where the pillow went.
09/03/13 11:21PM
water 8oat me
09/03/13 11:56PM
Oh hey, some Sylph info. Not bad not bad.

Also, some genuinely interesting motivations and expressions of real agency. Not bad not bad.
09/04/13 12:20AM
She's closer to Vriska than we thought. She clearly wants agency, to the point where her insanely risky plan is a better option - in her mind - because she's the one carrying it out.

Long story short: I am loving these updates.
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