04/20/14 12:45PM
Still find myself looking forward to more. Though maybe not with the same baited breath as I was with the main comic. Is that bad?
04/20/14 02:16PM
It's not bad, pal.
My (and people's who have the same expectations) case is bad - there were no indication of "this comic will provide some hard canon information that is 100% correct and palusible for making theories and shit"-stuff. Your is not - it's still the comic that can be good.
04/21/14 06:11AM
Speaking of easter, a 8UTT5 egg.
04/21/14 07:42AM
Oh! It looks like we're getting an alternate timeline story now. Really looking forward to how this one turns out, considering how simple the change is. "Harlequin doll gets two more glass shards then it did in the AT". Such a simple thing, and yet so many possibilities to offer.
04/22/14 11:02AM
It gets better it seems. Goodbye PDA!
04/23/14 09:11PM
An armless harlequin...wonder what that's gonna do to bec noir.
04/25/14 06:02PM
... ring falls right off because he has no hand/arm to wear it on and he goes right back to normal. He runs off to retrieve his arms from his chest, much hilarity and game winning success ensues.
04/28/14 06:11AM
^see also "this could have all been avoided"
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