The Art of Raising the Youth NothingSpecial 55 Yes
Wizard Cronus Pie 20 Yes
Ask Blog:Ask Egbert John (Yazz) Duck 27 Yes
Comic - Damage Control (skully) Chocoboo 4 Yes
Ask Blog - Ask Davechick (meltesh28) Chocoboo 42 Yes
Angry John StealthyNinjaGO 51 Yes
Text-colored hair color Nervous_Broad 73 Yes
Blind Terezi honeycomet 28 Yes
Comic - Dolorous Surrender (Feshnie) Nyre 24 Yes
JadeDog LonelyCoast 83 Yes
Sprite Mode Remakes Duck 94 Yes
Bewitching Blacks Beelzebibble 152 Yes
Wondrous Whites Beelzebibble 113 Yes
Portraits of the Father as a Young Man Lettucefood 24 Yes
Comic - Drinking at Midnight (Jesseth) Nyre 9 Yes
Luminous Limes Beelzebibble 120 Yes
Majestic Maroons Beelzebibble 148 Yes
Burnished Browns Beelzebibble 172 Yes
Animals in Cosplay Lettucefood 13 Yes
Galumptious Greys Beelzebibble 177 Yes
Intriguing Indigos Beelzebibble 162 Yes
Non-Raven Harleyberts Pie 337 Yes
Happy Tears Pie 54 Yes
The Horrorstuck Pool ElementJester 446 Yes