Body Horror Duck 161 Yes
Non-March Eridan Pie 105 Yes
Inspirational Homestuck Pie 32 Yes
Pulchritudinous Purples Beelzebibble 172 Yes
Beauteous Blues Beelzebibble 181 Yes
Tantalizing Teals Beelzebibble 151 Yes
Grandiose Greens Beelzebibble 130 Yes
Yummy Yellows Beelzebibble 142 Yes
Opulent Oranges Beelzebibble 134 Yes
Radiant Reds Beelzebibble 163 Yes
Popping Pinks Beelzebibble 160 Yes
A billion Dead Nepetas Rohandrius 154 Yes
Non-Blonde Strilondes Lettucefood 510 Yes
15 minutes late with starbucks Lettucefood 16 Yes
Prankster John Pool nobooks 25 Yes
"Where are your pants?" Duck 20 Yes
John and Karkat and Films nobooks 42 Yes
Ask Blog - Ask Jade Harley (kicksatanout) nobooks 14 Yes
Fairy God Dirk Lettucefood 17 Yes
Tresor's Pool Pie 21 Yes
Ask PBJ Demons (...whofuckeachother) Pie 11 Yes
Ask Blog - Ask The Strilondes (ellinor) Chocoboo 27 Yes
Clothingswapping with Sollux (by youdidnotseeme) Pie 5 Yes
Ask Blog - Ask JK nobooks 58 Yes