Pool: Character Spotlight: Dirk Strider

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Criteria: 10+ votes and Dirk-centric. Solo images are the most obvious candidates, but minor satellite characters like pets, consorts, and lusii are welcome. Guardians, sprites, etc. are questionable, probably better avoided. Other kids/trolls besides Dirk are definitely better avoided.
back_angle city dirk_strider happyds ocean solo underwater rating:Safe score:39 user:Chocoboo casual dirk_strider epic fashion monochrome smashalash solo unbreakable_katana rating:Safe score:26 user:Pie aspect_symbol dirk_strider heart_aspect solo starter_outfit unbreakable_katana windsdoms rating:Safe score:11 user:Pie animated dirk_strider godtier grimdark heart_aspect kf1n3 kneeling prince solo rating:Safe score:14 user:Chocoboo broken_source city dirk_strider seagulls silhouette solo sweet_bro_and_hella_jeff synnesai unbreakable_katana rating:Safe score:17 user:sync back_angle clouds dirk_strider ocean octopusandaleech solo strong_tanktop rating:Safe score:10 user:sync body_modification dirk_strider dri grayscale my_little_pony solo sweet_bro_and_hella_jeff rating:Safe score:28 user:ploe crying dirk_strider gasmask land_of_tombs_and_krypton sadstuck shan-fire solo strong_outfit strong_tanktop sweet_bro_and_hella_jeff rating:Safe score:18 user:Chocoboo aspect_symbol brobot crown dirk_strider heart heart_aspect hug humanized lil_hal lil_hal_junior lil_sebastian multiple_personas sawtooth squarewave striderkind rating:Safe score:22 user:Pie aspect_symbol blood dirk_strider heart_aspect humanized lil_hal sleiin starter_outfit rating:Safe score:16 user:Jogn_Ehbert back_angle clouds dirk_strider epic no_glasses ocean paveffer seagulls solo stars sunset rating:Safe score:20 user:sync dirk_strider godtier heart_aspect prince schouher solo rating:Safe score:18 user:Duck clouds dirk_strider freckles no_glasses ocean seagulls solo unbreakable_katana yuksi rating:Safe score:20 user:Pie back_angle clouds dirk_strider epic imperial_drone mallius sawtooth strife unbreakable_katana rating:Safe score:28 user:sync 801ch clouds dirk_strider ocean seagulls sitting solo starter_outfit rating:Safe score:17 user:sync back_angle clouds dirk_strider gloomy-optimist ocean solo starter_outfit rating:Safe score:15 user:Pie animals clouds dirk_strider freckles ket ocean sawtooth seagulls 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