Pool: Character Spotlight: Mituna Captor

The best Mituna images on the booru go here.

Criteria: 10+ votes and Mituna-centric. Solo images are the most obvious candidates, but minor satellite characters like pets, consorts, and lusii are welcome. Guardians, sprites, etc. are questionable, probably better avoided. Other kids/trolls besides Mituna are definitely better avoided.
blush dancestors diabetes m1m3_50rry mituna_captor palerom shipping solo xadorkablemarinax rating:Safe score:15 user:nobooks animated dancestors mituna_captor myra no_hat solo transparent rating:Safe score:13 user:Chocoboo ageswap blood crossover dancestors dangan_ronpa humanized mituna_captor no_hat skateboard solo zhen rating:Safe score:13 user:ploe aspect_symbol dancestors doom_aspect image_manipulation instrument mituna_captor solo squirrel245 rating:Safe score:13 user:Chocoboo dancestors deleted_source mituna_captor sollux-psionic solo text rating:Safe score:41 user:Nyre back_angle dancestors figsnstripes mituna_captor non_canon_design solo rating:Safe score:13 user:Chocoboo bee_outfit crafts dancestors mituna_captor pukind real_life solo rating:Safe score:12 user:SirenDucks dancestors mituna_captor solo windykins rating:Safe score:15 user:Pie dancestors food mituna_captor solo sxae rating:Safe score:13 user:Nyre dancestors mituna_captor paradoxjelli solo rating:Safe score:11 user:nobooks alternate_hair dancestors dream_ghost mituna_captor soap-scum solo rating:Safe score:13 user:Pie bee_outfit dancestors mituna_captor no_hat sangcoon solo rating:Safe score:13 user:Pie dancestors insecureillustrator latula_pyrope mituna_captor radrom redrom shipping skateboard solo rating:Safe score:20 user:sync ancestors captors dancestors mituna_captor paperseverywhere the_psiioniic rating:Safe score:13 user:Pie cronus_ampora dancestors enchantedsnails fansprite mituna_captor sprite rating:Safe score:12 user:Pie captors chibi dancestors food grubs happyds mituna_captor sollux_captor rating:Safe score:24 user:nobooks