Pool: Headcanon Sheets

Pics with different headcanons of what a character may look like.
blush body_modification book casual chubstuck fashion freckles godtier light_aspect multiple_personas rose_lalonde seer sleepcluster solo thorns_of_oglogoth velvet_squiddleknit rating:Safe score:5 user:saigner alternate_hair callithump jade_harley multiple_personas solo starter_outfit rating:Safe score:7 user:saigner grayscale inksteaks karkat_vantas lineart multiple_personas solo rating:Safe score:3 user:saigner art_dump book kidswap rose_lalonde sermna solo starter_outfit thorns_of_oglogoth word_balloon rating:Safe score:3 user:Pie acodanies dave_strider freckles multiple_personas rainbow solo text the_truth rating:Safe score:7 user:saigner dave_strider dreamself felt_duds four_aces_suited godtier hamsfreth knight multiple_personas puppet_tux red_plush_puppet_tux solo starter_outfit time_aspect rating:Safe score:10 user:Chocoboo alternate_hair art_dump body_modification godtier headshot owlsy rose_lalonde seer solo upside_down w_magnet rating:Safe score:2 user:sync art_dump chubstuck maya multiple_personas rose_lalonde solo rating:Safe score:1 user:sync book broken_source cake john_egbert multiple_personas solo starter_outfit zillyhookah rating:Safe score:3 user:Chocoboo alternate_hair art_dump dreamself foxy_kittyknit_dress godtier headshot multiple_personas rogue roxy_lalonde solo void_aspect yumimori rating:Safe score:3 user:saigner equius_zahhak nepeta_leijon no_shirt undergarments v23 rating:Questionable score:5 user:Royal_Plumage colakidney dreamself multiple_personas sollux_captor solo twinsol rating:Safe score:2 user:Edfan32 chubstuck fraymotif jane_crocker multiple_personas solo spoon rating:Safe score:4 user:sync deleteme duplicate rating:Safe score:5 user:Edfan32 body_modification freckles humanized karkat_vantas multiple_personas private_source request solo yt zodiac_symbol rating:Safe score:4 user:Pie alternate_hair faun-songs godtier heir john_egbert multiple_personas solo starter_outfit wise_guy_slime_suit rating:Safe score:7 user:Tropylium black_squiddle_dress bubbleglub headshot knitting_needles multiple_personas rose_lalonde solo rating:Safe score:1 user:Chocoboo art_dump body_modification casual fashion godtier light_aspect multiple_personas pagalini rose_lalonde seer starter_outfit rating:Safe score:12 user:saigner blue_slime_ghost_shirt ectobunnyboy freckles john_egbert multiple_personas solo starter_outfit rating:Safe score:5 user:Lettucefood ask black_squiddle_dress multiple_personas rose_lalonde solo sporelett rating:Safe score:4 user:Chocoboo animated chibi jane_crocker midair multiple_personas pixel smashalash solo spiral_sucker trickster_mode rating:Safe score:2 user:SirenDucks digitallyimpaired dress_of_eclectica jade_harley multiple_personas solo squiddlejacket rating:Safe score:11 user:Pie freckles godtier headshot multiple_personas rose_lalonde seer sermna solo rating:Safe score:11 user:Pie art_dump broken_source chubstuck crying dave_strider dong666 freckles godtier knight multiple_personas no_glasses red_plush_puppet_tux solo time_aspect rating:Safe score:4 user:saigner amelie dave_strider freckles headshot multiple_personas solo rating:Safe score:1 user:Jogn_Ehbert alternate_hair equius_zahhak headshot multiple_personas nepurin no_glasses solo sweat rating:Safe score:5 user:Royal_Plumage black_squiddle_dress date_dress dreamself godtier headshot mauve_squiddle_shirt multiple_personas rose_lalonde scrunch seer solo w_magnet wonk yarn rating:Safe score:8 user:Pie barefoot calliope fashion solo terribleclaw undergarments rating:Safe score:4 user:Pie alcohol art_dump foxy_kittyknit_dress heart huge miz roxy_lalonde solo rating:Safe score:9 user:MadameMiz dave_strider doomyz freckles headshot multiple_personas no_glasses solo rating:Safe score:7 user:nobooks dave_strider four_aces_suited heart_shirt kathy pixel red_baseball_tee solo starter_outfit rating:Safe score:7 user:Pie alternate_hair consorts crocodiles dave_strider davesprite eunnieboo four_aces_suited freckles sprite word_balloon zodiac_symbol rating:Safe score:7 user:Pie casetrippy headshot humanized multiple_personas solo transparent vriska_serket rating:Safe score:6 user:saigner