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ElementJester >> #19301
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4-Clover said at source:
Doze has seemed to gone into one of his ‘moods’ again, and this time he isn’t stopping with the constant questioning and curiousity. He’s acting like a kid in a candy shop, his eyes open wide and his face is stuck in a state of surprise. Questions such as “Why do you have four arms” and “How come Die is an asshole” often come up and you answer them over and over again. He has a habit of forgetting things, so you end up repeating yourself more than you should. But in the end, you don’t really mind. It’s nice to have someone to talk to you for once.

Sometimes you wonder what it’s like to be normal.
Not mutated or fucked up in any way.
Like him.

I used the drawing as an excuse to write a little story thing *flies into space*