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Pie >> #22362
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So these are less fantrolls and just more a personal interpretation of one generation of the trolls between the Alternians and Beforans.

I guess I'll leave the tag on for lack of a better idea.

ElementJester >> #22366
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This is probably going to be a comment-page-stretcher, but artist comments are important for context and in this case important for understanding the characters.

dasmuskel said at source:
Cabria Megido, Moirails with The Nitram. She spends most of her time with either alone or with the Nitram, either way she’s always writing poetry. Her poems usually have a very dark tone. She has a bit of a temper, and a sure-fire way to find yourself telepathically thrown through a window is if you fuck with Nitram. A former FLARPer.
Mage of Time

Eltoro Nitram. A generally fun and kind young man. Due to a FLARPing accident, he lost both of his hands. He keeps this a secret by hiding the fact in his hoodie. Cabria is the only other person who knows of his disability. Eltoro loves fairy tales and stories, and his moirail Cabria writes his stories for him while he tells them to her out loud. Used to be really good with his lance, but he unfortunately can’t use it much now.
Thief of Breath

Gemlos Captor. Gemlos Captor is described by many as being a little too passionate about pop culture. He watches way too many movies, plays way too many video games, and listens to far too many soundtracks. He is also obsessed with the past. He feels nostalgia for things he never even experienced. The only remotely recent device he’ll ever make contact with is his computer, which he makes sure to keep updated enough to watch his movies and play his games. He screams a lot and prides himself in never losing a battle of knowledge about Pop Culture. Is the cause of Zahhak’s major facial scarring. Is not on good terms with the man because of this.
Bard of Doom

Ranina Vantas. A pacifist troll who refuses to resort to violence as an answer. Doesn’t have that many interests or talents, and is often described as being boring. He doesn’t mind being boring, though. He spends most of his time talking with his friends and has a generally positive relationship with all the other trolls. He recently started playing a lot of online video games the Pyrope and Serket. Serket recently discovered a game from a really old unprotected server, so they’re going to gather the rest of their friends and play it.
Page of Blood

Spelea Leijon. Watches almost as many movies and TV programs as Gemlos. Unfortunately, their tastes clashed too much, and a matespritship had fallen apart. She takes shipping very seriously and really goes into science and chemistry behind WHAT would make a relationship work. She’s very interested in sociology. She’s not very interested in fighting, but has gone hunting enough times to know how to protect herself.
Maid of Heart

Eucali Maryam. This Maryam is very efficient and business-like. A very good leader who makes sure the objective is achieved at any cost. Constantly mistaken for a male, but she never minds and usually just goes with it. Very interested in fashion, mainly suits, and proudly displays her many designs whenever she can. Dreams of owning her own Suit company one day.
Prince of Space

Atheen Pyrope. Very out-of-touch with reality. Has a passion for comic books. She RPs all the time, and is never quite out of character. Has a rather morally-ambiguous sense of judgement and isn’t afraid of killing someone or antagonizing someone she sees as “villainous”. Friends and former FLARP partners with Serket. Very friendly with Ranina Vantas, they Ranina has problems with how quickly she is to jump at the chance of killing.
Rogue of Mind

Sicari Serket. Lost her arm and has an ambiguous eye injury. Spends most of her time RPing, working on her art skills, and privately recording her thoughts in a journal. Very self absorbed and talks a little bit too much about her personal emotional problems. Wants to one day be a great artist. Used to be close friends with Atheen, but after a FLARPing accident, she tries to avoid her. Close with Zahhak, who is mute, and therefore, a great listener.
Witch of Light

Chiron Zahhak. A very protective, brave, and kind young man. Always wears strength controlling gloves that can either repress or enhance his strength. Is heavily scarred due to an altercation involving Spelea and Gemlos. He wears a helmet to cover his injuries. Always is willing to protect and save others, and constantly puts his life on the line. Has a wide collection of home-made gadgets and devices that range from weapons to devices that seem to have no practical use at all. Dreams of a life in space, making contact with aliens and helping his race develop further.
Knight of Void

Panagi Makara. A violently hyperactive boy who drinks faygo border-line addictively. Since he’s always hopped up on sugar, he comes off as either dangerous or annoying. Or both. Is highly interested in horror, medieval weaponry, and violent video games. He’s always trying to convince Ranina to try some new activity with him, but Ranina’s smart enough to know when something is bad news.
Heir of Rage

Adalus Ampora. A stylish troll who’s always trying to fill them quadrants. Isn't too beaten up when he’s turned down. He’ll just try again for a different quadrant. Sicari in particular has been in three of his quadrants. After being screwed over so many times, Sicari vowed to never get mixed up with Adalus again. VVvvhatews Has a closet interest in magic, though he’d never share it. He’s a smart guy so he’s aware magic isn't real, but that doesn't keep him from knowing a few cheesy card tricks. Though you’d have to be REALLY attractive in order for him to want to use those card tricks to hit on you.
Seer of Hope

Aresha Peixes. The heiress of troll society, and someone more stylish as Adalus. Has a close relationship with Eucali. Though, as an heiress, Aresha is a good leader who cares for the welfare of her people, and wants to make sure no one is left behind. Her leadership views may differ from Eucali’s but they are close friends anyway. She is interested in fashion, and likes to wear pretty clothes. She thinks it’s her duty as a public figure as well as a leader to always look nice. Likes to make jokes, play games, and indulge in her many other interests, such as RPing, drawing, breeding aquatic creatures and reading.
Sylph of Life

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Karkat: now with less chin than Egoraptor.

NepetaFan >> #55826
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Chiron and Panagi looks like supervillains.