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Your name is NEPETA LEIJON and you are a INDIGO-BLOOD. You find yourself to be an enthusiast of TROLL ANIME, and have made it your goal to create a working MECH SUIT. You aren’t particularly strong, but more than make up for it in SPEED and AGILITY, and often join into rag-tag FISTFIGHTS to prove your worth. You train with your WERE-CAT LUSUS to hone your technique every night. Your trolltag is affluentCatscratch, your Strife Specibus is charkramkind/mechkind, and you are PROUD and ASSERTIVE.
Your name is NEPETA LEIJON and you are a PURPLE-BLOOD. You devote some of your time to becoming a SUBJUGGLATOR, although you aren’t particularly fond of the CLOWNS. Your true pastimes include STALKING YOUR PREY and PAINTING IMMACULATE CAVE ART with their blood. You aren’t very tidy, and are often in need of a tongue-bath from your CHESHIRE-CAT LUSUS. Your trolltag is aberrantCheshire, your Strife Specibus is staffkind/fistkind, and you are CREEPY and UNSTABLE.
Your name is NEPETA LEIJON and you are a VIOLET-BLOOD. You absolutely love going on UNDERSEA EXPEDITIONS for buried treasure, and think that the occasional ROMANTIC FINDINGS are just the greatest thing ever. You find tales of SIRENS and the way they got land-dwellers to fall in love only to drown to death enticing, and often devote your time SINGING with your LION MER-CAT LUSUS (HEAD AND FRONT OF A LION CROSSED WITH THE TAIL AND FINS OF A LIONFISH). Your trolltag is aristocratCapital, your Strife Specibus is spearkind, and you are CURIOUS and FRIENDLY.
Your name is NEPETA LEIJON and you are a FUCHSIA-BLOOD. You love spending your days hoarding CATFISH and SEALIONS in your underwater hive. You also love watching love blossom, and FORBIDDEN ROMANCE BETWEEN SEA and LAND-DWELLERS is literally the most adorable thing to you. You also enjoy DEEP SEA HUNTING EXPEDITIONS to help feed your LUSUS, GL’BGOLYB. Your trolltag is abyssalCaterwaul, your Strife Specibus is 2x3dentkind, and you are SILLY and DEPENDABLE.