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Flaxseed >> #36359
Posted on 2013-11-08 03:53:41 Score: 4 (vote Up/Down)   (Report as spam)
first thing i saw was the nepeta sleeping mask

suomynonA >> #36373
Posted on 2013-11-08 09:14:42 Score: 2 (vote Up/Down)   (Report as spam)
at first i thought this was going to be a "john-imagined-it-all" kind of pic.

Mr_Ruse >> #36405
Posted on 2013-11-08 16:50:56 Score: 4 (vote Up/Down)   (Report as spam)
Greatest plot twist yet: Homestuck is not real. We all imagined it. Andrew Hussie is going to use his kickstarter money, ad revenue, game profits and whatever money he makes from the Namco Bandai dating sim to travel back in time and memetically impose the concept into humanity's subconsious.

Snuffleheim >> #36409
Posted on 2013-11-08 17:21:57 Score: 2 (vote Up/Down)   (Report as spam)
So, uh, I'm assuming we have those fanarts that are hung up on the wall here too, no?

Loppy >> #36410
Posted on 2013-11-08 17:25:32 Score: 2 (vote Up/Down)   (Report as spam)
I only recognize a few in feshnie's tag post #84324 and post #103079

Pie >> #36411
Posted on 2013-11-08 17:27:45 Score: 2 (vote Up/Down)   (Report as spam)
Yeah we have the Fef and Jade and the John and Dad. I assume they are all drawn by Feshnie, she just isn't fully uploaded.

maxcoffee >> #36413
Posted on 2013-11-08 17:34:03 Score: 3 (vote Up/Down)   (Report as spam)
It feels like this is some foreshadowing art:
that moment when the last flash has ended and we look around at all the homestuck paraphernalia only to realize that it is no longer a totem of the present but a relic of the past
or some crazy awesome John/Dave/Gamzee fanfic happens and ALL THE FEELS.

Pie >> #36414
Posted on 2013-11-08 17:40:25 Score: 6 (vote Up/Down)   (Report as spam)
"One Last Update…What Will I Do?"

There's some flavor text for you.