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! adorabloodthirsty ageswap aradia_megido art_dump artificial_limb au becquerel beta_kids black_squiddle_dress blackrom blood blush body_modification book breath_aspect bromance carrying casual clothingswap clouds communism con_heir couch crying dave_strider davesprite decapitation doc_scratch dream_ghost eridan_ampora fairy_dress fashion feferi_peixes felt_duds flag food formal fraymotif freckles gamzee_makara godtier grimdark grimdorks heart heir holding_hands hug humanized impalement jade_harley john's_vriska_outfit john_egbert kanaya_maryam karkat_vantas knitting_needles licking light_aspect maid microphone midair mom nepeta_leijon no_glasses no_shirt pbj piratestuck rainbow redrom rose_lalonde scratch_and_sniff shipping sitting sketch sober_gamzee spade sprite summer tavriska tavros_nitram terezi_pyrope text the_windy_thing thief time_aspect vriska_serket walking_cane warweary_villein wheelchair wings_only winter word_balloon wv

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